Feb 28, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter

I don't buy a lot of cosmetics. I am a simple make-up gal. Don't like a lot of fuss. My daily makeup routine is to put some BB cream(blemish balm), concealer, fill in my brow, eyeliner and Benetint(Benefit tint) on my cheeks and lips. Just enough color to make myself look presentable and not just roll out of bed.

Lately, I have been slowly adding a few essentials. Got the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, a few good quality makeup brushes(which I find very interesting of how much difference a good makeup brush can make) and Revlon Lip Butter.

Smashbox lip gloss used to be my only lip treatment. I have used Mac but find it extremely sticky. I like lipsticks which are not heavily pigmented(yes, I know. Most gals like pigmented liptsticks. I just find myself look too "made-up").

Read a lot of good reviews about the Revlon Lip Butter. They come in a wide variety of colors. I started with one and just love it. It is very moisturizing and it is not sheer. It doesn't last all day so will have to re-apply it throughout the day, which is no problem for me as I always go to my purse to apply lip balm anyway.

From top left: 001 Pink Truffle, 005 Sugar Frosting, 025 Peach Parfait
Bottom left: 030 Fig Jam, 085 Sugar Plum, 095 Creme Brulee

They are in the same order as the above picture

I just got the 005 Sugar Frosting and 095 Creme Brulee today. The rest I have them for over a month and I have been wearing the 001 Pink Truffle the most. The 025 Peach Parfait is a very nice peachy color with a bit of shimmer. I am not a shimmery gal but the shimmer in this one is subtle enough. The 030 Fig Jam is a beautiful brownish color. 

Price of these ranges from $6.50 to $10, depending on where you get them. I usually get them at Walmart or on sale at drug stores. I have used many other brands, including Mac, Clinique, Smashbox etc. These affordable ones are truly winners.  


  1. Thanks for the info! I was thisclose to buying the Peach Parfait color the other day at Walgreens, but I held back because I hadn't heard any reviews yet and didn't want to waste my money. Glad to know they are winners!

    1. I love the peach parfait and I find the color so cute and you can pretty much wear it everyday with any makeup.

  2. Yay! Glad you jumped on the lip butter train - I seriously love them to bits. I have a total of 9 now haha :)

    1. I'm glad I am on the lip butter train! Absolutely love them to pieces. Want to get a few more in pale pink/fusion pink.

  3. I love this lippies! I am ashamed to say I have 15 colors in total! :( hahahah. My fav is peach parfait, pink truffle and I think Sugar plum. :)

    Btw I'm a new reader and I enjoy reading your blog :)

    1. wow, you have a nice collection!! I still want to get a few more in pink/fusion. Nice to have some good quality lipsticks at drugstores.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. pretty colors!


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