May 27, 2012

Sunday Wants

J. Crew is having a 30% off sale items right now. I'm so tempted to get a few items but most of the items I REALLY want are on regular price.

Short sleeve sweat shirt

This sweat shirt would be great for summer and even into the fall, great for layering.

Bennett Chino

Yes, I know summer is still approaching but this cashmere sweater seems thin enough. I saw that at the store and it is very nice quality. Perfect for cool summer nights. Also, love the neon pink color. 

If the cashmere sweater is too much for you, how about this lightweight cotton cardigan?

Scoopneck blouse in anchors aweigh

This top has been on my list for a while. It was on sale last week so when the promo started, I was so excited. But guess what? J. Crew decided to pull this one off the sale rack and go back to original price. So, guess will have to wait a bit more.

A few other items from J. Crew factory as well: 

Factory thandie sweater in stripe

Do I need any more stripes in my closet? Definitely yes. So please don't stop me.

Factory classic Bermuda shorts

This seems to me almost identical to the J. Crew 9" chino shorts. There are a couple of colors on sale right now(citrus lemon and green) but I thought I would wear more if it's more basic like white.

Factory printed Bermuda shorts

This looks interesting. But not 100% sold on the prints, what do you think?

The J. Crew 30% off sale items also apply to factory items (use code LOVEIT). Sale ends May 28 so I may still take advantage of the sale and get a few items. But will keep my fingers crossed, maybe J. Crew will start their sale off regular-priced items soon.


  1. Replies
    1. so many nice stuff, temptations temptations :)

  2. I'm short so most chinos fit like pants on me. They're incredibly chic and classy though!

    1. I have the scout chino and more like a capri but this bennett chino should fit longer. Where I'm ( Canada), summer is so short and I think the longer version would get a lot more wear.

  3. AHHH, I love this post! I purchased a shirt from J.Crew about a month ago (my first ever J.Crew buy!) and I would wear it everyday if I could. That place is amaaazing!

    1. I know. J. Crew opened its first store in Toronto last August and I have been a big fan ever since. They are a bit pricey so I try to get them on sale whenever I can.

      Thanks for dropping by and following, so sweet of you :)

    2. Really?:O where is the one in toronto??

    3. in Yorkdale and upcoming ones in Eaton Centre soon and Fairview too :)

  4. Great post!

    Found your blog through a blog hop and am now following your blog! If you have some time stop by my blog..

    1. thank you so much! Following you back :)

  5. These are all beautiful pieces.. wish J Crew had this quality for Forever 21 prices.. a girl can dream haha