Aug 8, 2012

J. Crew 5" chino shorts

Just got my extra 30% off sale package from J. Crew. I did not get a whole lot of items. Just 2 to be exact. I tried on the No.2 pencil skirt in deck stripe in the Toronto store a couple of weeks ago and have  fell in love with it. A lot of love has been given to the No.2 pencil skirts and this is my first No. 2 pencil skirt purchase. I picked the deck stripe pattern over the solid colors. Feel like it is less formal and I can wear it more often.

Today I wore my new 5" chino shorts paired with a vintage stripe tee. Perfect for hot summer days.

J. Crew vintage stripe cotton tee in size S (buy here)
J. Crew 5" chino shorts in size 4 (buy here)
Cole Haan sandals
Necklace from Mynamenecklace(buy here)

I really love the vintage stripe cotton tee. I have 4 of them and I wear them very often. Just love how soft the vintage cotton is. For hot summer days, it is perfect to pair them with shorts to run errands.

I love the color of this chino shorts. Very easy to pair with  any colored tops. I have not tried this on in stores before. I have the J. Crew factory Bermuda shorts and I have one in size 4 and one in size 6. I thought the chino shorts would fit similar so I took a chance of ordering a size 4. This fits slightly smaller. I wish I have ordered a size 6 instead but guess this will have to work as I have no intention of shipping it back for exchange.  I got this for $37.99 less 30% so really a great buy. 

Also included in my order are 2 20% off $150 orders on J. promotion cards.  Will be so handy for new fall items. 


  1. lovely shorts! xx

  2. Hi, just want to say I like your blog. It's nice to have a Canadian perspective on shopping! I got the exact same shorts, same colour. Scored them for $11.24 in store because they had tons of summer stuff down to $14.99 with another 25%off. Best J.Crew deal I've had in ages. Anyway, thanks for all the reviews and keep 'em coming.

  3. jcrew is so necessary ahaha. one of my sorority sisters came back from a jcrew outlet with 6 bags!

    xx stephanie

  4. I love your monogram necklace..that's on my want list for sure!!