Oct 5, 2012

Another Lush Haul

Ever since I got my hands on my first Lush product, I knew that I would be buying a lot from then on. I was the type of person who do not splurge on bath products. I had been using Dove body wash for the longest time and was happy with it. Spending money on bath products is new to me.  But then if I could splurge on beauty and clothing items, why not on bath products to really pamper myself?

I was not a bath person, always a shower gal. I didn't get a lot of bath products on my first few orders as I did not know how often I would find time to take a bath at night. But let me tell you, when you come home from a stressful day and nothing beats it to have a long, relaxing hot bath with Lush products. That is something I really start to enjoy, especially with the cooler weather. 

I am out of the Lush fresh face masks and I know I will have to pay a visit to Lush. Just happened to be on the day of my visit to the first store at Markville mall, they are out of the masks I want to try. Instead, I got bath bombs. 

My first bath bomb - Fizzbanger 

My bathtub at home is not a huge one and I only used half of this and it is enough. Good that I watched some videos on youtube as to how to split the bath bomb in half. Using a screwdriver and a hammer makes it easy. If I hadn't watched the videos, I would probably have attempted to cut it with a sharp knife and with not much luck doing the job. 

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

I have used Yuzu and coco bubbleroon and that has been my favorite so far. It is a bubble bar and it is very easy to split in half and crumble under running water. Of the few bubble bars I have tried so far, the bubbleroon has been the most moisturizing. So I'm excited to try the rose jam bubbleroon. Love the rose scent.

2 of the Green bubbleroons

I have tried this before and the scent of this is very refreshing. The sales associate said to try the Grass shower gel if I love the Green bubbleroon. I sniffed it at the store and yes, it does smell exactly like grass and I am not sure if I like the scent in the shower gel. 

Yuzu & Coco bubbleroon

This is by far my favorite bubble bar. If you like citrus, orange, coconut scent, this one is calling for you. 

Aqua Mirablis butter

When I got this from my last online order, I wasn't too sure if I would like the scent as I read that not a lot of people are fans of the scent. I love the scent. Exactly as described, almond and cocoa. Very moisturizing as it is a body butter. But it got some texture in it so great for exfoliating and yet gentle enough for everyday use. I am getting another one for my shower in my Toronto home. Definitely have to get the body butter tin as it melt on contact with water.

Since the store at the Markville mall was out of Love Lettuce fresh face mask, I went to the other store at Upper Canada Mall the next day.


This is one of the smaller bath bombs and I think I would just use the whole one in one bath. Smell so buttery and full of vanilla. 

Honey B bath bomb

I love combination of honey, lemon and orange. Excited to try this out.

The sales associate told me some bath bombs are easier to break in halves than others. So I made sure the ones I got are easy enough to break. I wanted to try the Sex Bomb as so many rave about it. Maybe next time. 

Lemony Flutter

A cuticle butter which smell absolutely amazing. I don't have particularly dry cuticles. But the winter is approaching and my hands are so dry. This one is very rich in texture but not greasy as Vaseline. Fast absorbing, which I like the most. 

I got a couple of samples of their hand cream: Handy Gurugu and Helping Hands. Both feel very rich when I tested in the store. I want to try them before I decide which one I like better. Also got a sample of Mask of Magnamity. The sales associate recommended this to me as I told her that I don't have a Lush store near me. As much as I love the fresh face mask, it would be hard for me to get at times. She recommended this as this has a much longer shelf life. Smell very minty and refreshing. 

Catastrophe Cosmetic & Love Lettuce

I used up my Catastrophe Cosmetic a couple of weeks ago and was so eager to come to town to get some more. My last one was ordered from UK website. I guess with the approaching winter months, I could place orders on the UK website. They have to be used up usually within 3 weeks. I got my last order within 4 or 5 business days so left me plenty of time to use up. I have asked a few sales associates if I could freeze the fresh face mask. I get different responses. Some say yes and some say with it frozen, some ingredients may be broken down and may not have the intended results. Have you freeze your Lush fresh face masks? Do you recommend it?


  1. I've used Love Lettuce and love it! Also my must have is Buffy bar! Love Lush. :)

    1. I have used Love Lettuce twice already and makes my skin so soft afterwards. That stuff is totally amazing. I will have to check out the Buffy bar next time in store or online order. Thanks for recommending!

  2. I love Love Lettuce! I always wanted to try the Lemony Flutter.


    1. Oh my, I love Love Lettuce. I used it twice already and makes my skin so soft afterwards. Lemony Flutter is so highly-recommended. Not just nice on cuticles. I put on my hands, elbows and heels as well.

  3. i dont have any Lush but def going order soon xxx I think your blog is gorgeous with a lot of refreshing posts, which I like!
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother? Let me know xxx

    1. I just became a Lushie a few months and love all the products I have tried so far. Definitely check it out and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

      Thanks for visiting, heading over to your blog next :)

  4. I love Lush :D one of my all time fave shops:D love just smelling the shop haha

    Lorna xxx

    1. it is so nice to try new scents at Lush. How can they make everything smell so nice? When I go in the store, want to buy everything :(

  5. Lush is EVIL I tell you! Everytime I go in, I come out with a whole bunch of stuff I never intended on buying! Lol!

    I see you've picked up some great stuff! Lemony flutter's a joy to use! =D

    ♡ M.May

    1. definitely definitely evil. Ever since I got my hands on Lush product a few months ago, I have spent so much money in Lush. I love Lemony flutter. So nice not just on cuticles but I put it on my hands, elbows and heels as well.

  6. I'm so jealous, you have so many amazing Lush! i love them, i'm definitely gonna try some of them, thanks for sharing :)

    Your blog is so impressive and very inspirational.
    I really enjoy reading your posts, they make me smile =)

    Let me know if you want us to follow each other,
    I'd love to read more from you and stay in touch :)

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XO

    1. I am a new Lushie and couldn't quite understand why so many rave about Lush products. Now I totally get it and love all the products I have tried so far. A bit pricey but totally worth it.

      Thanks for visiting. Heading to your blog next!

  7. I love Lush!! I need to go back to pick up more soon!!

    Great haul. I love some of those products. :)

    xo - Sheila


    1. Before my first purchase at Lush, I couldn't quite understand why so many rave about their products. Now, I totally get it. Yes, it's pricey but totally worth it to pamper yourself :)

  8. Thanks for following ModaMama! Following you back now ;)


  9. thanks so much for visiting and following my blog, i really appreciate it!
    i'm now following you too, can't wait for more posts <3

  10. I am an avid bath taker! So thanks for making me envy these items. I think I need them! :) I found your blog off of a blog hop, and I'm happy I did!

    1. these bath products are amazing. I couldn't believe I would spend this much on bath products but glad I did because it is totally worth it pamper yourself :)

      Thank you very much for dropping by, very sweet of you!

  11. hi there! I saw your blog on Beauty Blogger Club, and I'm now following you via GFC... :) I hope you would also join my blog link exchange....

    hugs and kisses:)


    1. you have an awesome blog, following back :)

  12. Drool, so much good stuff! I'm going to Lush next week and I've gotten my list ready!