Oct 21, 2012

More Sigma Brushes

Ever since I was introduced to Sigma makeup brushes, I have been slowly building my Sigma collection. The quality of the brushes is really impressive and very affordable, making it an easy purchase for me every time.

From top to bottom: F88 Flat Angled Kabuki, P86 Precision Tapered, P88 Precision Flat Angled

All 3 of the brushes are from the Sigma synthetic essential kit collection. I have 7 of the 10.

I just love how amazing the quality of these synthetic brushes is. Very soft and durable. No fallout.

Flat Angled Kabuki

I use this to apply foundation and bronzer on my cheekbones. See how dense this brush is. It is super soft and I find it extremely easy to apply bronzer on cheekbones. Very precise.

Precision Flat Angled

Tiny version of the flat angled brush. I use this to apply my cream eye shadow. The brush is perfect for applying my new favorite cream eye shadow, Chanel illusion dombre(post here). It comes with a little brush but I find it quite hard to apply the shadow evenly. With this precision flat angled brush, I swipe it twice on the shadow and it applies so easily and evenly on lids. What a time-saver in the morning!

Precision Tapered

I have the tapered kabuki and love it. But I need something in a smaller scale to apply my concealer and highlighter-concealer underneath my eyes. This is not as soft as the tapered kabuki for some reason. But other than that, I am loving this as it is perfect for what I use it for. Very precise in applying the undereye concealer and highlighter. I mentioned in my previous post(see post here) about the Maybelline dream lumi touch highlighting concealer. Now that I have changed to a shade lighter than my usual concealer(I use the shade radiant) and apply with this brush, I can see a big difference. Really brightens up my under eye area and see that highlighting effect that so many people rave about.


  1. I love sigma brushes! The quality of their brushes are excellent and the price is great too! I definitely want the brushes that you got!

    1. they are indeed very good quality brushes. Just wish they are more readily available as the shipping cost to Canada is not cheap. Heard they are opening retail stores in US.

  2. i have to check these out for sure!!


    1. yes, definitely check them out. They are very good quality.

  3. I don't have any sigma brushes yet...coz i can't find one selling that here in our country but I heard it's really that cheap and good quality! :)



    1. I just started my Sigma collection earlier this year. Too bad they are not available in where you are. I have tried buying these from ebay but they are so expensive so I placed orders directly from Sigma. Hope you will get a chance to try these out as they are really awesome.

      Thanks for visiting and I'm heading over to your blog next:)

  4. the precision angled brush look amazing!
    i want to update my brush collection and sigma is one of the brands i am considering.
    thanks for showing these for us! :)