Nov 30, 2012

J Crew Brompton Mini-Hobo Review

I was looking into my closet last weekend and I went through all my purses and realized that I don't have any brown purses. I recall I got one long time ago from H & M but the quality wasn't that great and I donated to Value Village along with my other gently-used clothing items. We used to have a Salvation Army Thrift Store in town where I donated all my clothing items there but sadly it closed. 

J. Crew had a Black Friday sale last weekend with 30% off all sale items. I was browsing through their purse collection and couldn't decide between the Brompton and Brompton Mini. Looks deceiving on the website that the mini looks really tiny. But in fact, it is just the perfect size for me.

J. Crew Brompton mini-hobo in henna (buy here)

The color is a tiny bit off from the website. In real life, the color is more of a reddish-brown color, rather than a natural brown. There wasn't a whole lot of reviews on this or the Brompton, which is a much bigger version. Although there are measurements of these bags, it was hard for me to decide.

I'm 5'6" for reference so you will know how the bag is proportioned to my height.

I picked this bag as I love having the option of adding a shoulder strap. When you go shopping and with your hands full of a few shopping bags, it is the best option that you can have.

There are snap buttons on both sides. When you don't have a full bag, can snap them closed for a sleeker look.

If you don't add on the shoulder strap, you can wear the bag over your shoulder. I have bags which have shorter handles which are hard to do so when you're wearing a winter coat. This one has a decent length handle so no problem in wearing it over my shoulder, even with a coat on.

As you can tell, it is actually a very decent-sized bag. I'm so glad I didn't go for the Brompton hobo(buy here). Think you can probably fit a 15" laptop in that bag. If you need a big bag or for traveling, would recommend that instead.

Has a zipped-up pocket inside, together with 2 side pockets which are perfect for lip-glosses and cell phone.

There is also a big side pocket with zipper at the back. I really like this extra feature. I can put things I don't use very often but still has access to when I need them.

The leather is quite soft and I can fit in my medium-sized PurseN purse organizer in there no problem. It is regularly-priced at $298. It was on sale last week for $203 and I got it for an extra 30% off with free shipping. J. Crew is having another promo on right now but sadly this bag went back to full priced.   Sometimes it is so hard to predict what items on the J. Crew website will stay on the sale section and when it will go back on full-priced. 


  1. Beautiful bag and great size!
    i am also contemplating a cogcac colored bag,but i am not sure yet what brand i want(maybe mulberry).
    Just got my leopard tippi cardigan and love it.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. This is a gorgeous bag! The colour is great and it's big enough for all those stuff a woman needs to carry :)

    ♥, Nina

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  4. Super cute! It's a bit bigger than I expected - thought it would be hehe


  5. oh i love it!
    the color is just gorgeous and it looks so supple not to mention it is a perfect size. ;)

  6. Thanks for the review...I would have thought it was smaller.

  7. Love this bag its seems to really look amazing and such fascinating love the entire style out, perfect style tycoon would love to get it at a wholesale store.

  8. This is quite a trendy fashion bag seems to look real fascinating, wish to find it at a merchandise store.

  9. How funny! I had no idea the Brompton mini was so big - good review and good to know! Love the look and the brown!

  10. Did you find out that it stains constantly? I bought it but had to return mine because it was a disaster how easily it stained. I think the leather is just not durable enough.

  11. I really love the style of this bag. I'm having trouble deciding between the regular and mini size. Could you fit a standard A4 book/magazine in it?

    1. No, won't fit a regular sized magazine in this bag.

  12. Finally bought the Brompton mini (after months of pondering and researching--your blog was one of the sites that convinced me), and I'm so excited to use it! But I'm afraid it'll get stained and scratched the first day I bring it out-- I want to use it as an everyday bag. Even though I got it 30% off, it was still nearly $200 and quite an investment for me-- I don't want to regret my splurge. Sooo, I've been considering pre-treating the bag, and (after more pondering and researching) I am settled on getting Cadillac Boot and Shoe Care to protect and regularly condition it. Of course, I'll try it on an inconspicuous patch first. My question for you is: How has it held up for you since you got it? Any advice as far as pre-treating?