Nov 29, 2012

First Etsy Purchase

With the first snowfall, it sure does feel like Christmas is approaching sooner than you think. Are you ready for Christmas?

I have some of my Christmas gifts which need to be shipped overseas so I am " forced" into getting ready for Christmas early every year. I usually have those gifts ready to be shipped by late October or early November. 

I have browsed on the Etsy website many times before and always admire how unique the items could be. Many could be personalized, making it extra special.

My God daughter is 2 1/2 and she is just getting into dressing up. She is a big sister now and has a baby sister. I know that kids her age are used to getting all the attention from Mom and Dad and suddenly a baby is stealing her spotlight. I got her big sister tees when her sister was born so she would feel like she  was part of the big celebration. So this Christmas, together with a whole bunch of cute clothing, I got her and her baby sister personalized necklaces. Yes, I know babies cannot wear those necklaces yet until they are much older.

Personalized Children's Bottle Cap Necklaces from Etsy

I haven't bought from Etsy before and this is my first purchase. Very happy with my experience. But if you're thinking of ordering something, keep in mind that a lot of the items are custom-made and usually takes a week or two before they are shipped out. I got these within 2 weeks of ordering.

On a side note, here are a few other gift ideas for stocking stuffers:

Sigma make-up brushes

Fortune Cookie Soap Body Butter Sampler (buy here)

I got these a while ago. It is a great way to sample different scents of body butter before buying them in full-sized. I got Figs & Berries, Ripe for Picking(apple scent), Roast my Marshmallow(smells just like Fireside Marshmallow candle from Bath and Body Works) and Gremlins and Goblins(this is from their limited Halloween collection, scented like grape jolly rancher).

Fortune Cookie Fresh Pineapple Sorbet Gelato Bath Bomb (buy here)

Isn't this packaging totally adorable or what? It comes in a little container and even comes with a little plastic spoon. This is an amazing bath bomb. I used half of it for one bath and the scent is oh my goodness totally delicious. Scent like you have opened up a whole fresh pineapple and explodes into your bathroom. The scent lingers on the bathroom for hours after that. Highly highly recommend this.

Maybelline Baby Lips

I am still on the hunt for the new flavors/limited edition to come to my stores.

This picture was taken yesterday with just a bit of snow but we're getting a ton more today. My doggie is certainly enjoying the scenery and eating snow. Sometimes when you look at him and see how happy he is with simple things make you realize life should be simple and really " don't sweat about the little things in life". 


  1. Too cute! Great photos. I love it
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  2. What cute necklaces! I love Etsy for providing me easy lazy access to unique gifts!

  3. Those necklaces are adorable! I just got into Etsy and I've seen so many adorable things. In fact, I got a pair of really awesome fake gauge earrings there recently. I'm thinking of going back for some cute stocking stuffers. :)


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