Jan 22, 2013

What U see is Not what U get(L'Oreal Color Caresse Wet Shine Stain Infinite Fuchsia)

After I got my first L'Oreal colour caresse wet stain in the color of Lilac Ever After(post here), decided to go back and get a darker shade to see if the pigmentation and staining power is any better.

Got Infinite Fuchsia 

looks very fuchsia in the tube and on the applicator

when you swatch on your arm, it is not as fuchsia

on my lips after one coat

I guess with lip stains, you just have to gamble on the shade you swatched on your arm in the store. My lips are not very pigmented so I'm thinking the color will look at least a little bit fuchsia on me.

I waited a few minutes to let it dry for a bit before I applied a second coat

The pigmentation is still disappointing. I don't know if I applied it totally wrong or what. But this is not what I expected.

The formula of this lip stain is very watery. I find it very hard to apply it  in order to have my whole lips stained evenly. Decided to do 2 coats and then put on my Buxom White Russian lip cream to top it up for a more even finish. 


  1. Thanks for the review. I'm still unsure about whether to try these or not. They all kinda start to look the same because all the colors are sheer x