Mar 4, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream

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Have been a big fan of Fortune Cookie Soap whipped cream. I have tried a handful of their whipped cream from their previous seasonal Soap Box. Their whipped cream is like body butter from the Body Shop. Very creamy and buttery. 

I have a habit of hoarding body lotion and rarely use them up due to the size of the products. Fortune Cookie Soap has a sampler pack which allows you to pick 4 different whipped cream. They often have new whipped cream every season. I got their sampler pack before Christmas and absolutely love the variety and I just used them all up.

Cupcake, Baby It's Cold Outside, Snow Bunny & In the Loop

Some of these are from their winter/Christmas collection. The ones I bought before was from their Halloween and winter collection which consist of the most delicious scented marshmallow sugar cookie, Jolly Rancher, Freshly picked apples. 

Very colorful whipped cream

This time I picked Cupcake which scented just like freshly cupcakes. Very sweet bakery scent. 

Baby it's cold outside is a mixture of chocolate mixed with citrusy fruits like tangerine, mandarin, lemon and grapefruit. You can really smell the chocolate. Just reminds me of when you first open a box of mixed chocolates from Christmas and you get a variety of different fruity scents mixed with chocolates. Yummy. 

Snow Bunny has peppermint mixed with strawberries, raspberries and vanilla. The peppermint leaves are the dominant scent of this and I can barely sniff the fruits out of this.

Last but not least is In the Loop. And yes it does scent like my adolescent favorite cereal: Fruit Loops. Really reminds me of when you first open the box of fruit loops. 


  1. In the Loop sounds amazing! The colors are so pretty.

    Following you via Monday beauty blog hop

    1. I love Fruit loops growing up and this whipped cream scents just like that. Love it.

      Thanks for dropping by, following you back :)

  2. These all look and sound so good - Found you blog via the Monday beauty Blog Hop xx

  3. Oh my goodness these look delicious ;D I've never heard of Fortune Cookie Soap but this whipped cream sounds amazing esp the fruit loop smelling one! I've got to give their site a look! Love your blog- I'm already getting ideas :]

    1. I love Lush products and Fortune Cookie Soap is just another natural alternative. I love fruit loops growing up and when I saw the whipped cream, got to have it :)

  4. Is it wrong I want to eat this!? Never heard of these before thanks for sharing :)
    Love your blog, now following :)

    1. it is not wrong to want to eat it haha! I put on some In the Loop today and all I want is the Fruit Loops cereal!

      Thanks for popping by, following back :)

  5. Dear lady, this is so enticing. Whipped cream..oh yes ;-).
    Lovely blog, I follow you back with pleasure!

  6. Those look so delicious! haha! They're like whipped easter eggs! :-)

    xx Christal xx