Mar 18, 2013

J. Crew Peony Tee, Silk Collar Tee

Weather is still cold but I'm desperate to try on some spring items. Did not have a lot of time at the store that day and only be able to try on a few.

J. Crew Peony Tee in xs (buy here)

This is a very popular item when the new spring items arrived. The store I went to are sold out of my regular size(small) and I tried on the extra small. 

I am not a big fan of big floral print tee but I really like this one. Even though this is not my regular size, I feel the size is still ok. It is made out of linen so I would expect some stretching over time. 

J. Crew Silk Collar Tee in small (buy here)

I love tees with Peter Pan collars. This one is in heather sea with a pink collar. On the website, it looks like the collar is white but to my pleasant surprise, it's more creamy pink.

Hope you can see the collar a bit clearer in this picture. This is a really cute top. Love it.

J. Crew Tweed Front Tee in small (buy here)

This tweed tee is on sale, both online and in stores. I thought I would love this one as I like tweed but find tweed jackets a bit hard to style and this tee should be a nice alternative. But I find it not too flattening on me. 

I am finding this top quite shapeless. So a no-go for me.

I also end up getting a pair of matchstick jeans which I ran out of time to take pictures at the end. I am so surprised that I love the jeans so much. It is just exactly what I'm looking for. Sits on the waist, not low-rise and with a narrow leg.


  1. Thanks for the reviews!
    Love the peony tee on you.I think the xs looks fine,i have the xs too and i it is oversized.

    I think i need to try the silk collar tee,because it looks very flattering.

    Never tried the tweed tee,but i love my tweed jacket.

    1. The peony tee is such a nice surprise as I wasn't expecting to like it. Really like the linen which is so unusual for me.

  2. Love the silk collar tee xx

    1. Really loving the dark navy with the cream pink collar.

  3. thanks for sharing...