May 10, 2013

MAC Haul Rimal Dahabia Eye Shadow Quad

MAC has been bombarding us with new collection after collection, making my wallet lighter and lighter :(

I got a small order from MAC, which includes the eye shadow quad from one of their newest collection.

MAC Rimal Dahabia Eye Shadow Quad (here)
MAC Fix Plus travel size 
MAC Mooncake Paint Pot (here)

I have been wanting to try their highly-raved Fix+ for the longest time. Decided to give the travel sized one a try as I want to make sure I like it before I get the big bottle. I use it set my makeup to make it last longer. Also I spray it at mid-day and use a buffing brush to buff my foundation to give it a refreshed look. So far I like it. However, I find the spritzer a bit tricky to use as it tends to have a mind of its own. I want to spray some on my cheeks and t-zone mainly to take away the shine. But it always sprays sideways to my hairline. 

Next up is a prolong paint pot from their new Baking Beauties Collection. I have been contemplating on getting this one as it looks very frosty. When you just look at it, the color is so pretty. It looks like a beautiful champagne pink color. 

When you swatch it, it is a whole different story. It has an excessive amount of glitter all over. 

Even after I blend it well, the glitters are just too much. I used it a few times and some glitters got into my eyes. I am very hesitant to use it but find if I just apply a tiny tiny amount, the glitters are acceptable and don't bother my eyes. So be careful if you have really sensitive eyes.

This is the limited edition eye shadow quad from the Art of the Eye Collection. Not sure if this collection is sold in stores or not as I have not seen them in stores in Toronto this week. Currently this one is sold out online.

Top(from L-R): Shroom, Soft Brown
Bottom(from L-R): Beauty Burst, Najm el Lail

From L-R: Beauty Burst, Najm el Lail, Soft Brown & Shroom

I believe Shroom and Soft Brown are permanent colors. Beauty Burst and Najm el Lail are limited editions. Beauty Burst is a reddish brown matte color. As much as I like Najm el Lail, it applies quite patchy and does not seem to be as smooth as the other 3. Soft Brown is a soft golden peachy brown color. I use it mostly on my crease. Shroom is the only satin finish shadow in the quad. I use it to highlight my brow bone and sometimes on the middle part of my lids for a brighter look.

This is my first eye shadow quad from MAC. I have been wanting to try Shroom and Soft Brown and since this limited edition quad comes with these 2 and the other 2 limited colors which are totally up my alley as they are matte and neutral, decided to try the quad for the value. 

Are you a fan of MAC eye shadows? Which ones are your favorites?


  1. Lovely haul hun xx

    1. thanks. I have got to start my shopping ban on getting any more makeup for a while ......soon :)