May 14, 2013

J. Crew Merino Tippi in Graphic Floral & More

Popped into J. Crew to check out some new arrivals. Didn't see too many exciting items though.

Merino Tippi sweater in graphic floral in size S (here)

Love how this tippi fits. Such a pretty spring blue-ish purple color with floral patterns. There are a lot of floral patterns out but I like patterns like these which are not really jumping at you.

As much as I love this, I am not willing to dish out $118 for full-priced. Will wait for a promo.

Embroidered wildflower top in size S(here)

I am not typically a fan of embroidery tops but this one I love. 

This one is very interesting. Only the front is embroidered and the back is a very smooth tee. If the whole top is embroidered, I don't think it would appeal to me that much as this has a more casual touch to it.

This is how the side and the back looks like. Isn't this cute?

Maritime Blazer in stripe in size S(here)

Talking about great deal. I have been eyeing on this stripe blazer for a while. I love stripes and I have the navy stripe pencil skirt from last summer. Just love it and the fabric as it is a bit stretchy. When I see this blazer in the clearance section, had to try it on. It was originally priced at $160 and was on sale for $119. In store, it was additional 40% off making this an awesome awesome deal.

I tried it on without a cami to begin with and see how it looks buttoned up.

Tried it on with a black cami. Really love how this blazer fits. I am not usually a blazer person as I feel too dressed up. But with the stripes and texture of this fabric, it can be worn dressed up or down. Even perfect to pair it with jeans.

Like it when you find what fits you and even better when you spot a great deal :)


  1. Love the floral top xx

  2. Love the blazer on you!! I have a jersey blazer too(not from the crew) and find that i wear it very often,because it is the perfect in-between.
    I am sure you will not regret it!

    The tippis withe the flowers are cute,but not full priced cute,so i am not getting those either.

  3. I love that first floral top and the striped blazer- always wanted one of those!! I really love J. Crew but they are so pricey! I always wait till we hit a outlet center where everything is 40-50% off :D