May 30, 2013

Zara Office City Bag Review

When shopping for a purse online, I rely heavily on reviews and pictures others posted. Sometimes I find purses I like but there are no reviews or detailed pictures and I don't like returning online merchandise.

Came across the Office City Bag from Zara and apparently it is one of their popular bags and there are lots of reviews which are so helpful.

This is a very spacious and classic bag which you can use for work, school or just out-and-about.

Zara just started their online store in Canada earlier this year making it much easier for me as we don't have a Zara store around here. I am very impressed with their customer service and shipping. I placed my order on the weekend and I received it 3 business days afterwards.

It is shipped by Purolator and once it is shipped, you would receive a tracking number. It is shipped from Dorval, QC and it only took a day after the order was processed that I received my shipping and tracking information.

What attracts me with this bag is it has lots of zipped up compartments. Has gold buckles which make it very classic.


It has 3 zipped up compartments and 2 compartments with snap-buttons.

This bag is designed for carrying laptops or ipads as the middle zipped up compartment is padded, making it travel-friendly for your laptop. It can easily fit a 14 inch laptop.

One of the compartments with snap on button has side pockets for cell phone, card-slots and a zipped up pocket. Very handy. Even though I always have a purse organizer in my purse, I still have lots of things which need easy access. I keep my credit cards in my wallet so would use the card slots for store points cards or coupons. I can keep some lip glosses for much easier access in one of these pockets.

Here is a close up of the gold zippers and hardware.

This bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap making it much easier to carry if you have your laptop.

Showing various ways to wear this bag. Since the shoulder strap is adjustable, I can easily adjust it longer to wear it as a cross-body bag.

Overall, very happy with my first online order with Zara. I have got a few bags from Zara before and you really have to pick and choose your styles. They have great styles but sometimes the quality of their bags varies. 

This bag is CDN $99.90(yes, it is under $100). It is not made of leather so this bag is not heavy at all. It is a very nice bag in my opinion with this price point. It also comes in a tan brown color. I can see myself using this a lot. I love bags which are well-constructed and have lots of compartments. The fact that it is lightweight is a plus as I hate dragging heavy leather bags around when traveling. I am just hoping this bag will hold up its shape even if it is not full. I don't plan to haul my laptop or ipad in it at all times. 


  1. I've wanted this bag ever since I first saw it!!

    Jodie xo
    What Would Audrey Wear?

    1. when I first saw this, I knew I had to get it. It is very functional and stylish. Enjoying it very much :)

  2. I love this purse, it looks great on you! :)
    And Inglot is available in Canada :) You can order online/through their Facebook page, and they have stores in Quebec :)

    1. thanks so much for the heads up. I'm dying to try out Inglot. Will definitely check it out :)

  3. What a lovely bag and looks great with what you're wearing. Where is your stripey dress from?

    1. thank you :) My dress is from Gap from last summer.

  4. Thank you for the review! The bag looks amazing and seems so handy. Just bought it on ebay, can't wait to get it. Looks good on you!


  5. thanks zoo much for this review! been searching for one for this bag!! I want it for school and the compartments seem handy :D