Sep 3, 2013

Awesome finds @ J. Crew Factory on Labour Day

Hope everyone had a very nice Labour Day weekend! Over here in Canada, most of the stores are closed on Labour Day :( Vaughan Mills is one of the shopping malls which stay open on holidays. I made it there early to avoid the crowds and found some awesome deals there. They had 40% off everything.

Peter Pan Collar Tee in Stripe in size S(buy here)

Sorry about my phone blocking the Peter Pan collar. I still love the Peter Pan collar tee trend and this tee is quite soft.

Factory printed silk blouse in size 4(buy here)

The other trend: French hen, I am still not 100% sure if I like it that much. This shirt is made of silk and indeed very soft. The small French hen pattern is not as bold as the sweater and from a distance, looks like triangles. But I didn't bring this home.

Warmspun intarsia hen sweater in size S(buy here)

I did pass on this sweater as well. The fabric feels really itchy on my skin and if I get this, would have to definitely layer a thin tee underneath it.

Factory big bow graphic tee in size M(buy here)

I size up to a medium for factory tees usually. I can't pass on this as the bow pattern is just too cute.

Factory tiny dot tee in size S(buy here)

I love this combination of pink dots on burgundy. I have the same patterned wool scarf from J. Crew last year. Have to grab this tee. After discount, I got this for $11.99. Isn't it an awesome deal?

Can't find this pair of pants on their website. It was called ponte pants last season. Think they changed the name to Gigi pant this year. This one is similar to my ponte pants last year except it added some leather-like fabric in the thigh area and also the zipper is at the back which I am not too crazy about. I prefer the zipper to be on the side. 


  1. Thanks SO much for these great reviews!!!!

    1. you're very welcome. It was such a great sale at the store and I was thrilled to grab home some awesome finds:)

  2. I don't think I've ever shopped at J. Crew, I don't even know if we have one around here, I'll have to look it up. I know you didn't buy it but I love that French hen shirt!!!

    1. J. Crew is quite aggressive in opening new stores in the GTA. I used to shop a lot more online but find the deals in stores are much better. The French Hen shirt is quite cute.

  3. Great reviews. It's always good to see things on a variety of JCAs. I am slowly adding everyone to my inoreader, so I should be visiting more often. :)