Oct 30, 2013

Lululemon Dog Runner Pant

With the cooler weather, desperately in need of a pair of pants to walk my Goldendoodle. It is not quite cold enough to wear snow pants and my regular Lululemon groove pant is too thin.

Lululemon dog runner pant in size 6(black)

Lululemon is my favorite brand of workout attire. Yes, they are pricey but they last a long time with countless washes and the fit is just flattening on any body type.

I believe the dog runner pant is new to their fall collection. They have been promoted in previous years but not in their stable stock. 

It is basically a water-proof shell with a cozy liner which will keep you nice and warm while running or walking outside in the cold weather. Layering is the key to keep warm in the chilly weather. The inner liner is made of quick-wicking rulu fabric so would keep you dry when you go running.

This pant has 2 zipped up side-pockets which comes extra handy to put in keys, doggie bags, phone or kleenex for sniffling season. 

Elastic waist band which is super comfy

Inner liner is soft and the outside fabric is also water-repellant. So it would be weather-proof and good for rain or light snow. 

I wear a size 6 for Lululemon tops and bottoms. For reference, I am a size 4 in J. Crew and Banana Republic/Gap. 

This pant has got to be one of my warmest and coziest workout pants. It may be too warm to lounge around inside the house. But for temperatures from -10 to 5 degree celsius outside, it is perfect. It is so comfy that I can wear them all day and night. 

I highly recommend this pant for walking dogs and running in cooler weather. This comes in black and grey. This has been very popular in previous years so they may sell out fast(especially the black ones). 


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