Jan 16, 2014

Favorite Lip Balms

Lip balm is my daily essential. I always have one in my purse and have one in each room in the house for easy access :)

Weather has been gorgeous this past few days. But usually in January, it is bitter cold here in eastern Ontario in Canada. Chapped lips and dehydrated skin seem to be the immediate results.

My top 3 lip balms: Dior Creme de RoseRosebud Salve and Nivea Lip Butter(vanilla & Macadamia)

I like to keep these at home as they are in tin containers and need clean fingers for application. 

They are very similar in texture. Dior Creme de rose and Nivea lip butter are so creamy. Rosebud Salve texture is more like vaseline. All three are quite long-lasting on my lips and I don't have to keep re-applying all day long. 

If you like rose-scented lip products, you would love Dior Creme de rose and Rosebud Salve. Dior one has a slight tint to it and supposed to be also a plumping lip balm but I don't see any significant result. 

Nivea lip butter is my night-time lip balm. It is very thick in texture. The only thing I am not crazy in love with this is I really have to rub the lip butter onto my lips for even application. If not, I would have a white "film" on my lips. 

Price-wise, the Dior Creme de Rose is CAD $29, Rosebud Salve is $7.50 and the Nivea lip butter is around $4.50. The Nivea lip balm comes in a tube and also does the rosebud salve. I am thinking of getting one of them to put in my purse but I have so much lip balm that I need to use up some before I go out and buy some more.

What is your favorite nourishing lip balm for the winter? Do you go by the lip balm texture or you simply pick it because of its scent?


  1. these are all such lovely balms! i really loved the dior one when i tried it out, but for the price tag, i think i'll stick to the other two :) for now at least.


    1. The Dior one was such a splurge for me. Most expensive lip balm I own :) But it is so moisturizing and creamy. Don't think I would re-purchase because of the price tag though.

  2. My fave lip balm that's not a lip balm? Mentholatum, which I don't think is being produced anymore.

    Actual lip products I adore? Burt's Bees and Natural Ice in cherry mint!

    1. I remember Mentholatum. I think you can still buy those in some Asian stores.

  3. Hmmm I didn't know the Dior lip balm was only $29 - that actually doesn't sound too bad? Lol. I know it's still a lot for a lip balm but I was expecting something more exorbitant. I have the Nivea but I am not a fan ... it just seems to sit on top of the lips and it doesn't really make them feel hydrated or anything. I bought the Rosebud Salve more than a year ago but I still haven't opened it up!