Mar 7, 2014

J. Crew Fitting Room

Today seems like spring has arrived. This winter has been so dreadful and long that 4 degrees really feels like heaven. 

Have not been in the mood for clothes shopping in the winter as every day I just put on a thick turtleneck, my Zara leggings and my trusted and warm Canada Goose parka. Now that spring weather is near, I feel more motivated for clothes shopping.

Vintage cotton silk-back tee in block print in size S(here)

I really like the soft cotton which really feels silky to me.

This is how it looks on the back. For $78, I would not go for this but since they are having the 25% sale, too nice to pass up.

Linen These Are The Days tee in size S(here)

I got a couple of linen tees from J. Crew last summer and really like the fabric. It is not as wrinkly as I thought they would be after wash.

Back zip colorblock sweatshirt in size S(here)

This sweatshirt is quite nice and soft but I am not too crazy about the back zip and side zip on the arms. It just looks kind of funny with the full-on back zipper.

Popover in navy flower bud in size 4(here)

A lot of people don't like J. Crew popover but I am the exception. I like the fit much better than the regular shirt. This one is on sale online but I don't believe it was at the store I visited. So I may grab this online later.


  1. I love pipovers too and got the navy flowerbud popover and love it.
    They will give you the sale price in the store,if you let them know that it is on sale online.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the tip, I think I may go to another J. Crew store tomorrow and see what else is there.

  2. I need to get some statement tees. I don't have any.. lol