Apr 1, 2014

March Empties

Another month flew by and is it time for spring yet? For the past couple of days, it does feel like it. But I am sure we will be hit by a few more snowfall(nothing major hopefully) before flowers start to bloom.

March Empties

Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candles: Bellini, Sicilian Orange & Gelato
Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Antibacterial Hand Soap
Batiste Original Scent Dry Shampoo
Lush Big Shampoo
L'oreal Total Repair 5 Replenishing Mask

Managed to finish 3 of the Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles. Love these scents and definitely re-purchase them. Their Winter Candy Apple hand soap is amazing. I love it so much that I bought a few for backups just in case it is not returning this Christmas season.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is my favorite. This is the original version. I have tried other versions. I got one for brunette/dark hair which I thought it would be perfect not leaving white residue on my dark hair. Unfortunately, the dark brown residue is more annoying than ever. When you rub the dry shampoo into your roots, your fingers and fingernails are stained with the brown residue which is hard to wash off. Other two hair products are my staples: Lush Big Shampoo and L'Oreal Total Repair Replenishing Mask. 

Jaqua Cocoa Buttercream Frosting Hand Creme
L'oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur
Lush Tea Tree Water
Tarte Maracuja C brightener eye treatment
GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment
Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Serum
Yes to Blueburries Brightening Eye Roller
ELF Makeup Remover Pen

I got the Jaqua Cocoa Buttercream Frosting Hand Creme from Blossom Lounge in Unionville last year. Let me tell you, the scent is just amazing. Want to try their other products as well. 

I did not like the L'Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur at first. Guess I had high expectation switching from my favorite Benefit's PoreFessional primer. This one claims to blur off all your imperfections, fine lines, pores etc. It did not hold up to its claim for me. However, I find it quite good as an under eye area primer. Smoothes out fine lines slightly and make my concealer stay put.

A couple of eye products I have used up. One is a deluxe sample size of Targe Maracuja C Brightener Eye Treatment. I got it from Sephora. This little tub last me a while. I apply this at night time after my regular night eye cream. It is a moisturizing treatment. But other than that, I don't see any significant improvement. I use the Yes to Blueburries Brightening Eye Roller in the morning. I like using roller-ball applicator for the cooling effect for my puffiness in the morning. This product has an interesting scent which I am not a big fan of but managed to finish the product. 

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment is my absolute favorite face mask. It is expensive but I find this really helps with minimizing my breakouts. Re-purchased another one already.

The Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum is my second one that I finished. It is not greasy. Fast-absorbing. Will definitely re-purchase. As with the Lush Tea Tree Water. Staple in my routine and re-purchased one already. ELF Makeup Remover Pen has been such a convenient tool to quickly remove my smudges from mascara. However, this dries up super quickly and the mascara stain on the tip of the pen is annoying. So will not repurchase this.


  1. I don`t like L'Oreal total repair replenishing mask leaves a slight residue that makes my hair look bad and greasy.

    1. I only apply the mask to the ends of my hair so I don't find it being too greasy on my roots.

  2. I actually like the Yes To products, I think for the price they aren't too bad! I have yet to try any of the "blueberry" ones though.


    1. I want to try other products from the line, especially yes to carrots.

  3. fantastic job with the empties! my skin is terrible at the moment so i am definitely tempted by products like glamglow! however hopefully it starts to clear up soon.buttercream frosting hand cream also sounds delicious!

    1. I find the GlamGlow really helps with clearing up my skin and whenever I feel like a breakout is approaching, I do a spot treat and it calms down the next day. Definitely recommending the treatment.

  4. Oh wiow many empties. Thanks for share your products!


  5. For the ELF makeup pen, I find that if I roll over tissue (or cotton pad) the makeup/mascara residue comes off.

  6. I've been meaning to try the batiste dry shampoo just haven't got round to it. I have black hair so probably will get the brunette one like you. Thanks for the heads up about the residue. :)

    Followed back by the way.