Jun 1, 2014

IOPE Color Fit Lipstick in Violet Pink

I got my first IOPE lipstick a couple of months ago and fell in love with how rich and moisturizing this line of lipsticks. See my post for my review on the popular water fit #44 in forever pink. I decided to get another one but this time from their color fit collection

I am getting more adventurous in trying out new shades. I used to stick with the usual mauve pink or more subtle shades. This time I decided to try #23 violet pink.

This shade is very true to its name: violet pink. It is a purple pink and it swatches exactly as it is applied as on my lips.

The color fit line is not as sheer as the water fit collection. It is much more pigmented and last a long time on my lips.

It is a more solid color and has a bit of gloss to it. Very moisturizing to my surprise as I expected pigmented lipsticks to be a bit drying. I am still new to the concept of wearing brighter lipsticks so I find myself just applying the bright lipstick with very minimal eye and cheek makeup and I am quite enjoying it.

Do you get out of your comfort zone to try different shades of colors you are used to wearing?


  1. I think I would prefer the Water Fit collection for myself. I love bright colors with sheer applications.
    This color, however, is very very flattering on you and looks quite natural. Love it on you.

  2. This color looks great on you! I'm not very adventurous with lip colors at all...most of my lippies are all in the pink-peach-mauve MLBB range. One day...

  3. This looks really pretty on you! I'm beginning to get more into these type of blue-pink/plum colors myself.