Nov 2, 2014

Sephora Weekender

I have been looking for a makeup bag which could hold my stuff securely. I usually have a couple of bags which make it take up so much room in my bag.

I got the Weekender from Sephora a couple of months ago. It is quite roomy and I like the most about it is it has enough compartments to separate my products for easy access.

Sephora Weekender is from their makeup bag collection. It is in black and in quilted faux leather. It is zippered all around.

There are 3 compartments to hold toiletries, jewelry and makeup. Also there is a makeup brush section with a flap to keep the brushes separate from other compartments so the makeup residue will not be transferred to other items. There is a hook which I find a must-have for makeup bag. 

The toiletries compartment is very roomy. The brush section is limited but I don't usually bring a whole lot of brushes so that is fine.

With the elastic brush holders, my brushes are secured.

As you can see, there is still so much more products I can put in. This is only 1/3 full. 

If you are looking for a good quality roomy makeup bag, I highly recommend this. It is CAD $48 which is not cheap. But I have bought so many cheaper makeup bags before but they are not of good quality and only last a while before the zipper is broken or fabric torn apart. 


  1. Love that weekender bag - looks perfect for keeping my dresser tidy, never mind heading on holiday!

    Wish we had a Sephora in the UK....but at least they do international shipping to the UK now :)

    1. yes, this will definitely keep things organized at home and on holiday. Nice that Sephora is finally shipping to UK but i heard there are some products restricted for shipping which must be disappointing. Shipping to Canada is ok but we always pay a lot higher than US customer :(

  2. woa love that brush compartment! though I always bring more brushes (and products) than I end up using... =P

    1. That's one of the selling point I am sold on. I always carry brushes in a separate bag which takes up so much room. I try to limit myself from bringing too many brushes. They are so bulky but then when you are on the road, you need that one brush that you didn't bring.