Jan 30, 2015

Physicians Formula Lash Extension Kit Review

When you don't have long, full lashes, and don't like applying false lashes, there are new options available.

Physicians Formula has a new product: Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit.

The kit contains of a mascara and one for extensions. Wouldn't you want to grab this if you see what it claims it would do for your lash on the packaging?

The mascara wand is a slightly-curved wand. The formula is not waterproof but it is not too wet for my liking.

Now comes the interesting part:

The smaller bottle is an extensions applicator. As you could tell from the above 2 pictures, it is full of little black fibers which you apply after you apply the mascara. These tiny fibers add an instant extensions to your lashes to have the dramatic falsies effect.

Bare lashes, slightly-curled

One coat of mascara

One coat of mascara & one coat of extensions

One coat of mascara, one coat of extensions and one more coat of mascara on top

I was very skeptical about this kit as I don't have much luck in the mascara department. First, I have stubborn Asian lashes which only waterproof mascara would work for mine. Second, I have tried a different brand(Asian brand) of similar concept. Only difference is the fiber extensions are white. I do not have any luck with that as the little tiny fibers bother my eyes so much that I only use that kit twice.

I decided to pick this kit up since it was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart this week(CAD $14.99) and there is a $9 mail-in rebate, making this deal too good to pass.

The mascara alone works quite good for my lashes, considering it is not waterproof. When I apply the first coat of extensions, the black fibers are everywhere. So be careful when you first twist up the product. I would tap it off a bit before first application so it wouldn't get all into eyes. I made the mistake of applying it "full force" on my first try and black fibers on my face, on top of my eyelids and some got into my eyes. 

The extensions gave my lashes some length but not significantly. The instructions said you could apply up to 3 times of each product. But I wouldn't as the mascara is starting to clump up after my second application. You have to apply the extensions right after you apply the mascara while they are still wet and the fibers would stick to them. 

Overall, I would recommend this lash extension kit to someone who do not have sensitive eyes and non contact lens wearer. As a contact lens wearer, the tiny black fibers get into the eyes very easily. On my first day of trying it out, they get into my eyes and even after I removed the product completely at the end of the day, there are still fibers in my eyes(I had to rub my eyes to get them out). The kit works ok but it is just too much work for me. If you have an extra 10 mins in the morning, it is worth the try.


  1. Those tiny black fibers always stick you in the eyeball! I have tried a few including the Younique ones and although I liked them the fibers are a bit annoying. I like to use 4 different mascaras (usually different brands) and apply them in layers one after the other while looking down into a mirror for extra lift. This works better than anything else I have tried.

    1. I think I will definitely try your method by layering mascara to get the dramatic effect. The little fibers are really too messy.

  2. Lovely looking product, thanks for sharing! <3

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  3. Ooh I was intrigued by this product but no likey after hearing you struggled with the fibres in your eye. I wear contact lenses too, doh...thanks for the review though now I know to avoid this!

    1. The tiny fibers are just too messy. I'm glad I picked this up during a sale and did the mail-in rebate, so after all this is only $5 for me. I will just use the mascara alone.