Feb 3, 2015

Rimmel Provocalips(Make Your Move,I'll Call You)

One of the most satisfying lip products I have ever experienced: long-lasting, non-drying and the colors are beautiful. Yes, Rimmel Provocalips have done it.

I got two more shades after I got my first shade(Kiss Me Fatal). I got Make Your Move and I'll Call You.

"Make Your Move"

Make Your Move is the "your lips but better" shade. It looks more brownish-nude on the tube but when it is applied, it has a bit of coral to it.

"I'll Call You"

I'll Call You is slightly-brighter pink shade. 

L to R: I'll Call You, Make Your Move, Kiss Me Fatal

I am just loving all the 3 shades I have and I am trying hard not to get more shades. One thing about them is you really have to take your time when applying. Since the consistency is quite liquid-y, you just have to apply the product evenly on your lips. Be patient and let the product dry for a good minute or two before applying the lip-seal. I have tried a few times when applying it in a rush in the morning and I have the habit of smacking my lips after it is applied. The product smeared a bit and the color is rubbed off in the centre of my lips, leaving a not-so-pleasant outer rim behind. But once it is applied and set, it lasts all day long. No more lipstick transfer on white coffee mugs and Starbucks coffee lids which annoy me.


  1. ohh i love make your move, so pretty!

    1. I am just loving these. That's all I have been wearing since I got them. No more re-applying all day long. Perfect for lazy gals like me :)

  2. ooh! I still haven't gotten one (haven't gone to a drug store in quite awhile, dang work/school...), gotta my eye out for these!

    1. I have only seen these at my Walmart but nowhere else yet. So tempted to go pick up more shades. Wonder if lighter shades are just as good.