Mar 25, 2015

Natural Bitten Lip Look

I have been into lips the past few months. Looking for the perfect mauve pink lip shade and then lip tint. My sister-in-law just introduced me to the new Korean lip trend. I don't know if it is new or not, but it is new to me. It is the natural bitten lip look.

What it is is use a lip tint or an opaque lipstick, then use a sponge applicator to smudge out the edges to give your lips the natural bitten look.

Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint in Fillmore( buy here)

The shade my sister-in-law gave me is Fillmore which is a coral pink shade.

One side is a regular lipstick

One side is a sponge applicator

It is very opaque but non-drying. It is a very vibrant coral pink shade.

When you use the sponge to smudge it out a bit, it gives a very natural shade. It is not an actual tint but I find it does stay on my lips for quite a long time. 

Bare lips with just lip balm

Concealer applied on the outer edges of my lips

Lipstick applied on the middle part of my lips

Using the sponge applicator to smudge out the edges to give lips a very natural look

I am still playing around with this new concept and obviously need more practice to get the bitten look or the gradient look. But I think with a darker lipstick, the results will be more obvious. 

Korean makeup is always a few steps ahead. Their BB/CC cream trend, their foundation cushion and now this bitten lip trend. 

 There are so many brands which offer similar products such as the Laneige Cushion Tint which I like the color selection much better.

Do you like this new lip trend?


  1. I only recently started doing this too! I blend two shades together, here's a version I had been doing: OmbreLip

    I've been really liking it, and after getting used to it I find it faster than the traditional lip, as I don't have to make the edges neat since it's blended out anyways. Your product looks interesting with the sponge tip to smudge, and the Laneige line looks great, I'll have to keep an eye out for it if it shows up in an asian store here somewhere.

    1. My sister in law got this from Amore. She went to the one inside the Galleria on Eglinton I believe. Check them out next time you are at Pacific Mall:)

  2. Try not to over blend, as you really want the color to concentrate on the inner lips ^_^ This is one of my favorite ways of applying lipstick, especially so for bold colors which tends to scare people off!~

    Korean beauty and makeup blog

    1. That is probably what I did wrong, overblending too much and it doesn't really give me the gradient look. Thanks for the tip! I am always timid of wearing bold colors but think this would be a great way to try.

  3. The ombre lips are big in Korea and I start reading about them more and more...but in reality..I'm too lazy to go through all that. I mean I don't even top with lipgloss over lipstick.
    That cushion tip looks quite easy to use, though. :)

  4. Korean makeup is always so far ahead! This is a pretty neat look and something I'd like to try. I think it would be more "powerful" if done with maybe 2 different colors?