Jul 27, 2015

Maybelline Color Blur Cream Matte Lip Pencil

Korean popular gradient/ombre/"just bitten" lip trend is making its way here. I came across this Maybelline Color Blur Cream Matte Lip Pencil($13.64 at Shoppers Drug Mart)and had to grab one.

Shade 15 Berry Mishebaved

What is unique about this lip product is it is a matte cream pencil on one end and a smudger on the other end. 

If you want a gradient lip look, you know it is so hard to smudge it out with fingers and not rub off all the color.

The shade I picked is #15 Berry Misbehaved. It looks more like a fuchsia pink in the picture than actual shade. There is another shade called fuchsia but it looks a bit too bright for me. 

When it is smudged out(sorry, I think I overdid this one), the color is not as vibrant and you could smudge it out as much as you could or as little as you could, depending on the look you're going for.

The formula is very creamy as the name suggested. This picture is taken at direct sunlight so it may look a bit washed out. I didn't smudge it out a lot as this was my first attempt and I seemed to apply too much product. The smudger is of a silicone-type applicator. So unlike a sponge it would not soak up all the product. It does dry out to be matte but surprisingly not dried out. It also has a staining effect which makes it last more than 5 hours even after meals.

Here is another attempt. This time I apply very little product to start with and slowly build it up. I also use a nude lip liner to line the whole lips to lighten the color of my natural lips. Applied the lip pencil to the middle part of my lips and smack it a few times to even it out before smudging.

My collection of lip products to achieve the gradient/ombre look.

Wannabe Cushion Tint (shade Fillmore) is very similar to the Maybelline one, in terms of packaging. One end is lip crayon and the other end is a smudger. The shade I got is Fillmore which is a coral pink. The formula is not as smooth as the Maybelline one so it is a bit harder to smudge out the edges.

Peripera Cushion Lips is another Korean brand. The shade I picked is PK07. It is a squeeze tube with a sponge top. I find the packaging a bit tricky as you either squeeze out too much or too little product. It is a slightly brighter coral shade. The product is semi-liquid-y so even though in concept, it is easy to apply and blend out, the squeeze tube is just too difficult to dispense the right amount. 

I am also getting the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar. It is a lipstick with 2 shades in it. If you want a gradient lip look, this seems to be the easiest product to use in a hurry. With a darker pigmented color and a nude/lighter shade, you could flip the lipstick(dark side in the middle of the lips and nude side on the outer) ombre lips could be achieved within seconds. This is being shipped to me from Korea so I am anxious to try it out and report back once I have tried it.

I love the "no makeup makeup look" and this seems so natural as if you have just sucked a lollipop. 

Are you into the ombre lip trend? What is your trick of applying?


  1. I have no qualms with well-gradiated lip looks like you did here, but honestly detest the extreme version of the trend. I recently got a Peri's tint as a freebie and was surprised to see it actually creates naturally gradient look in one application. It is quite drying, though.
    Will look forward to your Laneige lip bar review! :)

    1. it is not as easy as I thought to create the gradient look. Maybe that explains why I keep going out to search for products which could save me a few steps. Yes, the Peri's tint is so drying. After the first couple of times when I started using it, I notice my lips peeling quite badly. So now I just have to moisturize my lips well before applying that. I am hopeful about the Laneige one. Hopefully it will arrive soon :)

  2. Ooh I'm looking forward to seeing the Laneige review too what an interesting concept! I've been applying bright red lippies right in the center of my lips then using a lot brush to blend and feather out, then I add a pale lip gloss to top off, it makes the gradient much less noticeable but I feel less self conscious that way

  3. i like your lips/fotd swatches :) i feel like creamy matte sticks are trending right now cause of the colorpop sticks (have you seen those?) this one is unique though cause it has a smudger. its specifically made for the ombre effect which doesnt work on me cause i have pigmented lips :(
    im excited to hear your thoughts on the laneige lipsticks they look rly cute on that ad!