Aug 5, 2015

Worth Splurging on YSL Lippies?

YSL make up products are very luxurious to me. From packaging to quality, they certainly impress. I don't have a lot of YSL purchases mostly because of their price tags. 

I have a few of lip products from YSL and reason I keep buying is I like the formula and shades. I tried to find dupes from drug store but always end up buying more from the brand.

I got the YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil in Cherry My Cherie a few months back. Volupte Tint in Oil is such an innovative product. First oil in a lip product is new to me. Oil moisturizes lip so well and yet still give enough color payoff and leave behind a stain is just music to my ears. I love the shade I picked which is a very pretty cherry pink. At CAD $35, I want to get more shades but stop myself until I find a good deal.

You know it and I know it that luxurious make up brands rarely have deals or discounts. Last week, I found a good one with Hudson Bay(like Nordstrom and Saks). They had a promo of buy a YSL lip product and you get a lip tint for FREE. Yes, for free. How can I not take advantage of that?

I picked another shade of the Volupte Tint-in-oil and I got a lip stain in this pretty gold pouch.

I got the Rouge Pur Couture  Vernis A Levres in 7 Coral Aquatique for free

I have always wanted to try YSL glossy stain. But just couldn't want to spend that much. I have tried the drug store dupe which is the L'oreal Caress Wet Shine Stain. They are of similar packaging and even the applicator is similar. I have a few of those and have used them quite a bit. Once I try this one from YSL, I know it is so much better than the L'oreal one. The pigmentation is better and it applies better. Also the staining power is better.

Left: Coral Aquatique
Right: Drive Me Copper

Coral Aquatique is a muted coral shade. This is how it looks on me. The shade is very natural and the unique applicator makes it a breeze to apply. You don't even need a mirror to apply and it is beautiful.

Since I already have a bright pink shade from the collection, I picked a lighter shade to try. I picked Drive me Copper. I have swatched these in stores before and the light shades are all very similar. If you are thinking of getting a lighter shade, just pick one and don't get a couple which are near in shades as they look almost identical swatched and on lips. Drive Me Copper is a nude pink shade first applied and dries to a slightly brown-toned pink shade.

Even though it is an oil lip product and you would expect the hydration to last for hours and hours, it is not the case. Wear time on me is probably 3 hours. Since it stains a bit, I don't want to keep re-applying to change the impact of the shade. I just apply some lip balm on top.

To me, these YSL lip products are certainly splurges. I have tried drug store dupes which are not even close. So to me, they are totally worth the splurge but I would only buy when there is a great deal on it.

Do you splurge on luxurious make up products? What is your must have?


  1. Ah I missed that deal! By the time I went online that night they were all gone :( I'm kicking my slowness now, like how I'm just realizing Sephora isn't shipping Tatcha, Eve Lom, SK-II etc anymore to Canada (so many things to remove from my wishlist, sigh).

    1. I was lucky that I placed my order within a few hours I got their email and got the gift with purchase. I was so bummed that Sephora Canadian website didn't carry Sunday Riley but now they do. So maybe they will slowly change the labels on those brands and they can become available here.

  2. asjkadhjad why is it that i never catch the good deals like this lol. ive always wanted to try the YSL rouge volupte collection but i am still waiting for a good deal cause i noticed that their freebie pouches are really nice. btw coral aquatique is the prettiest on your lips :)

    1. it is so hard to catch a good deal. Usually the companies will send out emails and if you don't react within an hour, goodies will be gone :( Thank you so much! I am really enjoying coral aquatique. It is a pretty coral shade and still not too bright and bold.

  3. I found that with my two YSL shades I also wear a lip balm on top, I only have two YSL shades and don't wear them often. But, I do splurge on my Chanel lipsticks and my Dior lip gloss that I tend to wear longer and I love the pigmented colours on those.
    Luxe Vegan Skincare

    1. I was never a high end brand lipstick gal before. I thought with so many drugstore dupes, I am sure I could find something similar with a fraction of the price. Was I wrong! Now, I'd rather spend money on one good high end brand than 10 of the drugstore and I know since I spent that much, I will "have" to finish the product. There are some new Chanel ones coming out for the fall and the colors are so pretty.