Sep 19, 2015


I am not blessed with long curly eyelashes and ever since I tried my first lash serum and notice how much better my lashes have the "potential" of growing, I am hopeful.

The first one I tried is the DermaGlow Lash Enhancer. It does a great job and I got a couple of them on sale when they were on deep discount at Rexall since they were discontinued.

Ever since I used up my last one, I am searching for a new one and I think I have found " the one".

RapidLash is in the medium price range when I am in search for a lash serum. I had no idea that lash serum can be ranged from $15 to $95. I got mine from Shoppers Drug Mart for $59 and I have also seen this at Rexall.

It comes in a sleek silver tube with brush tip. I have used this for a good 2 months and this performs much better than DermaGlow which I am impressed with already. I have a sparse spot on my top left eye. I had the habit of pinching my eyelashes and "yank" a few out when my eyes are itchy and irritated. Throughout the years, I notice it has created a "bald spot" which is not obviously noticeable to others, except myself. But bothers me a bit as when applying mascara, my lashes on my left eye are not even. 

I have applied the RapidLash on my lashes every night for 2 months and started to notice my "bald spot" is gradually diminishing after  4 weeks. Yes, you really need patience for the lash serum to kick in and does its magic. Really important to keep applying every night to see results. Not only the spot is now filled with new lashes, my lashes have grown much longer and healthier. I notice my lashes don't fall off that easily as they appear much stronger.

Although this still seem pricey and don't seem to go on sale ever, a tube would probably last a good 3 months when applied every night. I have read reviews that once you stop using lash serum, lashes may go back to what they were before. I have taken breaks between serums and let me tell you, you would notice a difference. 

Do you use lash serum to help your lashes grow better?


  1. Ah, I'm jealous to hear that this one works for you!
    I've tried a tube for two weeks but instead seeing results my lashlines got a bit irritated. Funny thing is though, it worked on my brows. But I didn't repurchase after that. ;p

    1. too bad this doesn't work for your lashes. I am just starting to try it on my brows and it has only been 2 weeks and I haven't noticed anything yet. But glad to hear this works for yours and I am hopeful :)

  2. Wow great to hear you got such good results! I want to try on my sparse brows...

    1. I am just starting to use this on my brows and it has only been 2 weeks so I am hopeful that my over plucked brows will start to grow back.