Nov 2, 2015

Bite Mauvember

I have a weakness for lipsticks. When it says it is limited edition, it makes me want to buy it NOW.

Bite has a new limited edition lipstick released: Mauvember. Bite's founder, Susanne Langmuir wants to do a limited edition mauve coloured lipstick to support her Dad's winning prostate cancer's foundation. So 100% of the proceeds from this lipstick will go to Movember Foundation. Movember occurs every November where men grow moustache over the whole month to raise funds and men's health awareness.

Mauvember is a very easy shade to wear. Mauve is my favorite lip color as it goes with anything and it is a breeze to apply with the creamy formula. From the pictures, it looks darker than in real life. It also pulls a bit of purple when applied.

L: Nars Audacious Anna
R: Bite Mauvember

I have a few similar lipsticks in my collection. Nars Audacious Anna is probably the closest. From the picture above, they don't look alike with Nars Anna much lighter and pinker.

Bite Mauvember is a bit more purple than Nars Anna. Nars Anna is probably more of a true mauve. 

Bite Mauvember is very creamy and luminous. The shade is not quite what I have in mind. I thought it would be more of a true mauve color. This one has a bit of fuchsia mixed with pink on my lips. But regardless, it is still a very pretty color and it is for a good cause. 

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