Dec 18, 2015

Dolce & Gabbana Sophia Loren No 1 Lipstick

My first Dolce & Gabbana lipstick and I spotted at my Winners and I couldn't stop staring at how gorgeous the package is. It is their limited edition collaboration with the big screen movie icon Sophia Loren. 

If you have shopped at Winners(like TJ Maxx/Marshalls), you know most luxurious makeup products are stored in plastic cases where you cannot open them and see the color.  So I googled the shade online. It is a gorgeous pink mauve shade which totally call my name.

So here it is, who came home with me. The tube is totally gorgeous with the gold packaging and with Sophia Loren's signature on the tube. 

The formula is very moisturizing. I am a big fan of hydrating formula. Even though it may not last as long as matte lipsticks, they are easier to apply. It is a true pink mauve shade which I adore and is an asset to just throw in your purse for everyday use.

I have a few other similar shades and very similar in texture and formula. 

D&G and Clinique ones are very comfortable on lips as they are just like pigmented tinted lip balms. Nars Anna has more of a matte finish. 

Do you feel like you have scored big time when you found some luxurious brands at deep discounts? Would you splurge on those items at regular price?

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