Jan 20, 2016

DiorBlush Glowing Gardens Blush vs Rosy Healthy Glow

Ever since I got my hands on my beloved Dior Healthy Rosy Glow last May, I have been wearing that exclusively. Yes for a solid 9 months. That is definitely a record for me which tell you how much I love and adore this blush. It gives my cheeks a healthy rosy glow, exactly as the name suggested. It is so natural and stay on pretty much all day.

So when I spotted the new Dior spring 2016 collection(Glowing Gardens), I quickly decided I needed the new blush.

I searched high and low on the internet for swatches and from the pictures, it looks peachy and coral which is what I wanted. But in real life, it is more pink with a hint of neon peach tone.

Besides it is not exactly what I have thought the shade to be, it is a gorgeous blush. Just look at the embossed flowers. I stared at it long before I dare to dip my finger in it.

light-handed swatch

heavier swatch

When you swatch it heavy, a slight tint of neon peach surfaces.

Left: Glowing Gardens(Flora Pink)
Right: Rosy Healthy Glow

They look drastically different in the pan. 

When swatched, I would say they are more similar than I have anticipated. Floral Pink has  the peach tone in it while the Rosy Glow has more of a lilac tone. 

The formula is also very different. Floral Pink feels more powdery while the Rosy Glow is much easier to blend.

The star of this Dior Collection is of course their Diorskin Illuminating Powder. It comes in two shades, glowing pink and glowing nude.

Are you going to get anything from the Dior Glowing Gardens Collection?

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