Apr 19, 2016

DROK Straightener Brush

In a hurry? Have you ever said to yourself " just wish my hair brush could straighten my hair"?

DROK* heard us and here it is.

It is a multi hair tool in one. It is a straightener brush, detangler brush comb and also a scalp massager (when shut off). 

It shapes like your regular hair brush and has a weight of the normal hair straightener.

This is the back of the hairbrush. When you push the button for 5 seconds to turn on/off, the temperature indicator would show up on the gold plate. It would show the temperature of the hairbrush and if you want to adjust it higher or lower or simply lock the temperature, it is easily visible.

It also comes with 2 hair clips and a bristle-cleaner.

I have been using the DROK straightener brush for two weeks now. The brush heats up fast. After I spray my hair with heat protectant, clip and section my hair, the brush is at the desired temperature already.

I usually use my DROK straightener brush on my second day hair. I don't have very curly and frizzy hair. I section my hair off and it takes a lot less time to style and straighten my hair, compared to my flat iron straightener. The brush straightener reaches every strand of my hair as it brushes through thoroughly. I only have to brush it through once and my hair is straight and smooth already. I don't have to keep repeating the process. My hair is usually flipped out and I like them curled in. With the wide bristles and easy control of the brush handle, I can have them curled in within minutes. I feel that since the heat is evenly distributed among the bristles, it causes less damage to hair.

DROK straightener brush is ideal if you don't have very frizzy and curly hair. If you want it to be mainly straightening your hair, it may not be the perfect hair tool for you. As for my purpose, I mainly want to tame unruly second day hair and it does an amazing job.

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