Apr 21, 2016

My MakeUp Organization

My makeup collection is growing. I find my problem is when I don't see the products, I neglect them and push them to the back of drawers. 

Decided to organize my makeup better so I can take full advantage of using my products more. And maybe if I see them all in one place, I will restrain myself from hoarding more(wishful thinking :)

I got the table from Ikea. A very affordable one. Since I don't have a lot of acrylic containers to put on the table, it is good. If you have a lot to put on it, I wouldn't recommend this table as it may not hold everything up good.

I have the 5 drawer cube from Michael's. You can always catch a good sale with 40 or 50% off there. It is a good dupe of the popular Alex drawers from Ikea. 

I have two sets of acrylic drawers. Got this 2 drawer set from Winners. I put all my most-used lip glosses in the top drawer.

The bottom drawer is for my eyeshadow palettes, some blushes and cream eye shadows.

These 3-drawer acrylic drawers are from Solutions.

I got this stationery drawer set from Solutions also. I have a lot of lip products and I like to see them all in one place so I can find them easily.

I used to do my makeup in the bathroom. But it is so cluttered and the lighting is not the greatest. Now that I have my vanity set up in another room and I can use natural light when applying my makeup is so much better. 

How do you store your makeup?

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