Apr 2, 2016

How do you justify in buying a $124 palette?

Yes, just placed an order on Sephora for this beauty

Can't believe I hit that checkout button.

It is a palette. Why is it so expensive? I can get a reasonably, ok quality winter jacket for this price.

Are you out of your mind????!!!!!

I have not tried anything from Tom Ford. Only swatched a few things at Holt Renfrew a handful of times.

When I saw Sephora is now carrying the 2016 summer collection from the line, I was excited. Not excited when I look at the prices though :(

Well, thought about getting this palette for a few days. When the products became available at Sephora website yesterday, I quickly put this in my cart. But then after an hour (I needed more time to think it through), it disappeared and I was kicking myself for not getting it. This morning, when I saw it pop back in stock, I hit the checkout button within seconds.

Now, the justification process starts.......

  • this is a limited edition palette. Once it is gone, it is gone
  • you will be kicking yourself once you see this on ebay for 3 times the price
  • look at the gorgeous packaging
  • this is a three-product-in-one palette. So when you divide it up, it is only $40+ per product
  • good for travelling. You only need to bring one gigantic palette instead of 3 compacts(yes this palette is a size of a small pizza)
  • once I get my hands on a Tom Ford product, if I don't like it, I can save tons of money in the future
  • this is the most expensive palette I have ever bought. I won't have to buy any more palette to top it off.
Have you bought an expensive makeup item that you have to keep justifying to take away the guilt?

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