Mar 27, 2016

Sunday Round Up

Have been loving the Chanel Vitamlumiere Aqua for the past few months. I had the shade 40 from before but it is just too dark on my skin. Grabbed a 30 and the shade matches me much better.


I was sent a set of new Head & Shoulders Instant Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner to try. I have used Head and Shoulders years and years ago and all I remember is the thick medicinal scent of the shampoo which I am not a big fan of. The new formula and packaging is much better. The scent is amazing and this particular hydration formula is quite good, unlike the old ones which dries out my scalp so bad.

I have been dreaming of the Chanel purse for the longest time but after making countless trips to the Chanel store and still can't justify in spending that much $ on a bag, Happened to stumble across a "Chanel wannabe" bag at Marshall's. It is a bag from CXL from Christian Lacroix. Similar bag here.

Home to Toronto for Easter and spring certainly wasn't present a few days ago. We had major freezing rain and other than my Goldendoodle enjoying the ice, I don't think any of us did.

Happy Easter everyone!

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