May 13, 2016

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick in Sell Out

Have been wanting to try this Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick for a while. But most of the shades have been out of stock at Sephora since the release a few weeks ago. Finally the shade I want came back to stock. 

I have tried a few brands of matte liquid lipstick. Frankly, I am not a big fan of those as I don't like my lips to be dried up after a few hours. I often apply a light lip balm on top of those matte lipsticks, which defeat the purpose of getting matte at the first place.

Interesting packaging as it is not your typical round tube(bottom). This Too Faced one has a narrow rectangular bottom. I store my lip glosses and liquid lipsticks horizontally in a clear acrylic drawer so that is not a problem for me. But for those of you who have the acrylic lipstick stand, it may not fit properly. 

The shade I picked is Sell Out which is my favorite neutral mauve rose shade. As for all liquid lipsticks, I find the best way to apply is to first exfoliate lips then a lip balm. That way, the application would be much easier and smoother. 

Here is a comparison of similar shades I have in my collection. Too Faced Sell Out is totally your lips but better shade. It is my favorite shade out of all the ones I have. The formula is a bit runny and it takes some practice in applying it right the first time. Otherwise, it would be out of line and it takes some time to clean it up. How I apply is start with the middle part of my lips first and if I have excess product, I would carefully spread it to the outer part. I find if I do it the "regular" way, I would have way too much product on the outer rims and as it is so runny, it is hard to control where it lands. 

first applied

8 hours later without touch up

I am SUPER impressed with the lasting power. 8 hours later: lunch and dinner and lots of water. This product does not move. Oh well, I exaggerate a tiny bit. It takes a while to dry and when it does, it does not transfer. I lick my lips, smack my lips, have soup, a salad with oily dressing and at the end of the day, the color is still there. It is comfortable on my lips. Unlike other liquid lipsticks I have tried, this does not dry out my lips at all. Since the formula is a bit wet, it does not show the lines and cracks. I do not feel the need to slab some lip balm on top to hide the lip lines. 

So far, this is the best liquid lipstick I have tried. Excellent formula and it really last all day long without touch up. It does not dry out my lips and it is so comfortable to wear.

What is your favorite liquid lipstick?

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