May 20, 2016

Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette Swatches

Ever since the popular Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Skin Perfector, I know sooner or later, I would have to give in and get it. The gorgeous highlighter looks amazing on pretty much all types of skin tones. 

When I found out Becca x Jaclyn Hill are collaborating with a new collection of face and eye palettes, I was super excited as the face palette has the Champagne Pop which I have always wanted to try, a new highlighter and 3 blushes. 

For people who follow Jaclyn Hill on Snapchat 2 days ago, she announced a pre-sale of this face palette. I, of course, jumped out of bed and placed an online order with Sephora before too late(yes, pre-sale didn't last long at all, it was sold out in a few hours). 

From L to R:
Rose Spritz, Amaretto, Pamplemousse, Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop

swatches under natural light

Rose Spritz is a beautiful rose gold with a hint of peach. Amaretto is a matte toasted almond shade. Pamplemousse is a bright coral pink shade. 

The size of this palette is not very big. But the products are of decent size. It is CAD $59 and to me, it is much better valued than a single full-sized pressed skin perfector. A full-sized skin perfector is 0.28 oz and this palette has 2 x 0.19 oz Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop, 2 x 0.12 mineral blush(Amaretto and Pamplemousse) and a 0.10 oz luminous blush(Rose Spritz). 

This face palette will be available online May 26 and June 16 in stores. Would you be picking up this palette?

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