Jul 26, 2016

Asian Makeup Haul(IOPE, Laneige, Forencos)

Whenever I go home to Toronto to visit my family, I always visit a couple of Asian shopping malls to browse around Asian makeup/skin care products. Especially now with the uncertainty of Canada Post, I don't want to risk buying something overseas and then not getting them for a while if there is a postal strike.

I want to try some new sheet masks to branch out from My Beauty Diary ones.

This is a Taiwanese brand called SexyLook. I have tried this already as I want to test it out and if it is any good, I want to pick a few more boxes up. This one is for hydrating and it is CAD $14.99 for 5 pcs. The price is quite ok for this as the mask is quite thin and it is designed for your neck as well. 

If you are into Korean drama and you would be familiar with this face on these masks. At first, I thought they are for men but they are not. Actor Song Joong Ki is the new face for the brand: Forencos 7 Days Mask has 7 different masks catered to different types of skin.  From detox to hydration, you would find one which suits your skin best. I have tried the tea tree one and it is quite good. 

My IOPE Bio Intensive Essence is down to 1/4 of the bottle down to a 1/4 so I thought I would pick another one up while I am in the city. I have tried a few other brands but they are not as effective so always go back to this one. 

I love my Laneige Two-tone lip bar( I have the #2) and happy to see they have new shades available here. I picked up the shade #11 Juicy Pop. I am glad I went to the store and swatch the new shades as I never thought of getting this shade if I have just browse the shade online. It is quite a vibrant salmon coral shade with a yellow shade. When it is mixed and applied on lips, it is very flattering and this formula is more moisturizing than the old ones.

Love going in store and when they have a good promotion(free gift with $100 purchase at Amore), I got this Laneige water bank kit and a deluxe sample size of water bank gel cream, body wash and a whole bunch of samples.

Will try out my new products soon and come back soon for my thoughts and reviews on these.

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