Jul 31, 2016

Obsession With Sheet Masks

When it comes to quick pampering to yourself, what better way to throw a sheet mask on and enjoy a hot bubble bath(skip the hot bath on sizzling hot summer nights :). I have been obsessing over sheet masks lately and hoarded a lot of them to try out.

Unlike makeup products, sheet masks along with skin care products, take a while for the skin to react to see the results. Sheet masks that I picked up in Toronto this time are mostly Korean brands(see my previous post for more sheet mask and skin care haul). They range from $2 to $6 a piece so they are reasonably-priced. There are some which are more than $10 a piece which I don't want to try until I have read very good reviews about them. 

Besides the masks I picked up earlier in the week, these are my latest addition. 

MediHeal Line Friends Aquaring Ampoule Mask
IOPE Bio Essence Facial Mask
Forencos Black Pearl Brightening Silk Mask
MediHeal Line Friends E.G. T. Timetox Ampoule Mask
Animal Mask Sheep

My sister-in-law gave me the two individual masks to try and after I tried both, decided to pick up a box from MediHeal. I picked the Aquaring ones as you can never have enough hydrating masks.

I have tried most of the 7-day masks from Forencos and they are quite good. I don't know if I try on a whole bunch within a short period of time or not, but they are very similar to me. So I just randomly picked out the Black Pearl Brightening ones in a box. Maybe when I space it out a bit and try it a couple of times a week and I will see more dramatic results.

The IOPE Bio Intensive Essence Facial Mask is recommended by the sales associate from Amore. She said her customers buy these in 5 to 10 boxes each time, claiming they are so good. I have been using the Bio Intensive Essence daily and really like what it does to my skin. 

These masks are soaked in the essence and I have tried one already and honestly say I am in love. These are a bit more expensive($30 for 5 masks).  Each package has 2 masks, one for your upper face and one for your lower part of the face. They are extremely thin and how you apply is peel off one side of mesh of the mask, apply to your face and then peel off the other side of the mesh. For a good sheet mask, they feel like second-skin after application and essence get better absorbed into the skin. 

Are you into sheet masks? What are your favorites? 

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