Sep 15, 2016

Lipstick Challenge: Different Lipstick Every Day for a Week

Of all the makeup products, I have a soft spot for lipsticks. I have a "shamefully-big" collection of lipsticks. But my problem is I often wear the same lipsticks over and over again while others are pushed to the side and often ignored.

I decided to take up a challenge and wear a different lipstick every single day for a week.

It has been really fun to "make" myself to choose a different lipstick every day. I notice a lot of my lipsticks are nude pink and a lot of them are very similar. Probably just myself would notice they are different which make me think hard into getting any more lipsticks for now. Or if I " have" to get a new lipstick, need to get something drastically different from what I have in my collection.

Do you tend to wear the same shades of lipsticks daily? Or do you wear something different to match your outfits?

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