Sep 30, 2016

September Empties

Skincare Products:
SkinInc. Hydration Mask
IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning
La Roche Posay Anthelios
Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment
Lush Cup O' Coffee
L'occitane Shea Hand Cream

Makeup Products:
Buxom Dolly Lip Cream
Lioele Auto Eyebrow

Hair Products:
Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream

I got the Skin Inc. Hydration Mask from the Sephora Favorites Soko to Tokyo set. Even though it seems like a tiny tube, I actually got many uses out of it. This is one of those hydration overnight mask you wear like your night moisturizer. It is not tacky but it performs. By the morning, you would notice your skin being rejuvenated and plump. 

Another great skin care product I finished this month is the IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning. It is a skin softener and apply after you cleanse your face to give your skin extra hydration.

Lush Cup O' Coffee is thoroughly enjoyed. It is a body/face mask and if you are a coffee lover like myself, you would LOVE this. I use it also as a body scrub/exfoliator. 

Buxom Full-on Lip Polish is my favorite brand of lip products. This tiny tube actually last me a long time. I just love the plumping, tinkling and minty sensation when applied. 

Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream was a deluxe-sized sample I got with purchase at Sephora. I have heard a lot of good reviews about Living Proof hair products. This is just ok to me and as it is quite pricey, compared to my drugstore kind, I would stick to my regular ones.

Sheet Masks:
Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Eye Mask
IOPE Bio Intensive Essence Facial Mask
Forencos Black Pearl Brightening Silk Mask

I went overboard with sheet masks a couple of months. My stash is quite large so I am slowly going through it. IOPE Bio Intensive Essence one is super hydrating and I know it will be my go-to in the upcoming winter months. The Shiseido eye mask is an ok one. I guess I just have to keep using it regularly to see the effects. Forencos Black Pearl Brightening Silk Mask is quite good. I have tried all of their 7 -day masks(see my post on my haul) and they all perform quite similar on my skin.

Bath and Body Works Limoncello
Bath and Body Works Honey Suckle

Fall and holiday scented candles are flooding  the stores now but I still prefer the summer scents, especially the citrusy ones from Bath and Body Works. 

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