Oct 7, 2016

Benefit Brow Products Review

Benefit has launched their new brow products in the recent months and I have tried 3 of them. 

Even though they are deluxe-sample sized, I got many uses out of them and look like they still have a long way to go. The packaging is super cute as in all other Benefit products.

Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

I have tried this product before. This one is in its new packaging but still performs well, just as before. What I love about this the most is the tiny and precise brush head. This is a fiber gel so it actually gives your brow a volumizing effect without looking too obvious. The tiny brush is such a great feature as I have used other brands and the brush is too big and hard to apply.

This is a clear brow gel which keeps your brow in place for a whole day. The brush is quite unique and it gives an even application. Maybe I am near the bottom of the tube and sometimes the product comes out too much and I have to get excess product off at the top of the tube before application. But the formula is quite thick and you only need a little bit.

Ka Brow would have to be my favorite out of the 3 I tried. The formula is a cream-gel which is unlike anything I have tried before. It is buildable and I am not worried about making mistakes having the product set too quickly. Also the brush is included so it is very handy to bring it in the purse for touch up and you don't need to bring another brush. It is a very soft look and the lasting power is quite good. 

The other product I want to try is their Brow Pencil. If you want to try their brow products,  there is a Soft & Natural Brow Kit which has the brow pencil, Ka Brow and a brow highlight pencil.

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