Oct 23, 2016

Obsession with hot pink lipstick

My obsession of makeup products goes in phases. If I am obsessed with hot pink lipsticks, I would go buy one. Then saw another and buy that as well and that would usually go on until I grab 4 or 5 similar shades before I stop.

Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lipsticks are very pigmented and moisturizing. Pinkvely is a vibrant hot pink shade with a coral twist. 

I got this from an ebay seller in Korea and I searched for swatches online and at first look, it is so vibrant and intimidating. But when applied, it slides on smoothly and not as bright as I thought. 

Left: Clio Pinkvely
Right: MUFE C208 Magenta Pink

Compared to MUFE C208, Clio Pinkvely is more coral.

For a newbie bright lippie-wearer, I have learnt ways to apply depending how opaque you want. If I want a super bright and pigmented lip, I would apply lipliner then apply the lipstick full on. But if that is too much for day time, I would tone it down a bit. I would do a nude lipliner and then dab the lipstick and use my finger to blend it out without applying more product to add the pigmentation. Last step is apply some lip gloss.


Do you like hot pink lippies?


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