Dec 21, 2016

Hera Rouge Holic 147 Supreme Pink

If you are a big fan of the beautiful Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun, you would have been addicted to her latest drama Legend of the Blue Sea. Besides the unique story line and Jun Ji Hyun's clothes from the latest fashion runway, one thing you cannot ignore is what lipstick she is wearing.

As Hera's spokesperson, not surprised that Jun Ji Hyun is wearing the famous Rouge Holic No.147 Supreme Pink shade in the drama. 

I have been recently been obsessed with bright pink lip shades and of course I have to grab one.

Hera 147

This is my first product from the brand Hera. I got mine from I tried to get this from ebay sellers in Korea but this popular shade is sold out pretty much everywhere. Happy to report that my first purchase from StyleKorean has been an extremely successful one. Not only the price is much cheaper than any ebay sellers but also the shipping time is super fast. It only took 10 business days for my order to arrive.

147 Supreme Pink is exactly as the name suggests, very vibrant and pink. The formula is very moisturizing and opaque. For vibrant shades like this, I would much rather prefer a sheen/satin finish than a matte finish.

Compared to MUFE C208 Magenta Pink and Clio Pinkvely, Hera Rouge Holic 147 is not as neon-pink as the other two. It has a slight coral pink tone to it.

This is how it looks on my lips, lightly-dabbed and blended with my fingers.


on Jun Ji Hyun

I really enjoy the formula of the Hera Rouge Holic lipstick especially in the cold dry winter months, it is very forgiving and won't show cracks on dry lips. This also leaves a slight tint on lips after application so it lasts longer even after drinking and eating.

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