Mar 15, 2017

YSL Volupte Tint-in-Balm(#4 Desire Me Pink)

YSL has launched a new lip product: Volupte Tint-in-Balm. They launched this new line earlier this year in Asia and finally we got it here in Canada. 

I have swatched most of the shades in store. All the lighter shades are quite similar swatched on my hand. As this is more sheer and I am not sure about the pigmentation, I go for a brighter shade #4 Desire Me Pink which is a watermelon fuchsia shade. 

Isn't this adorable? There is a lip-shaped heart in the middle which is the lip balm and the outside is the tint.

It is super moisturizing and glides like butter. 

What it is: 
A hybrid lipstick that combines nourishing balm care with glowing, sheer color for a hint of tint that enhances lip color. 

What it does: 
Voluptè Tint-in-Balm’s unique, dual formula gives your lips twice the benefits—plus, a signature, pomegranate scent. The lip-shaped heart that runs through the bullet is packed with conditioning lip balm ingredients like apricot butter and jojoba oil for deeply nourished lips. This lip-shaped core runs from top to bottom, so that it never runs out. The outer core of the lipstick provides a lasting kiss of tint, imparting glowing sheer color that’s both vivid and brilliant.

bare lips

one layer on

YSL lippies are such luxurious products. I have tried their lip stain, tint-in-oil, volupte sheer lipsticks and they are all very good. This tint-in-balm doesn't disappoint, except I find the tint doesn't really tint. As this is super moisturizing, the lasting power isn't really there. It only leaves a slight tint on my lips and I have to reapply this quite often throughout the day. But I am happy with the shade I picked. If you like at least some color pay-off, I suggest you pick either this shade or #`12 Try Me Berry. Other shades are very similar as they are so sheer. 

Verdict: This is certainly a luxurious lip balm for CAD $42. Do you need this? Probably not. But for a lippy addict, I am  happy I have this in my collection. Do I need to run back and get some more shades? Definitely not. But I know this will become a stable lipstick in my purse as I love moisturizing lipsticks to take with me and I don't need a mirror to reapply throughout the day. 

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