Apr 1, 2017

99%Skincare 1%Makeup Cushion- Troiareuke A+ Acsen

I love cushion foundation as they give a very natural and luminous finish. I have tried a handful and I have recently got the Troiareuke A+ Acsen cushion and truly impressed by it.

Troiareuke is a new brand to me and one feature of this A+ cushion stands out from the rest is that it has mostly skincare properties. We have all learnt at one point in our lives that foundation is not healthy for our skin as it blocks pores. How many times have you wanted to take a day off makeup  to let your skin breath? Are there days which your skin is acting up but you don't dare to go out without makeup?

This Troiareuke A+ cushion may be your answer.

2016 New Release!

Size: 13g

No 23 (Natural Beige), Includes extra sponge

Used SMC System which allows you to experience all-day long moisturized feeling even your skin has oily and combination skin. Extra soothing for sensitive skin. Used a special powder which controls excessive sebum and decreases darkening effect. Keeps skin extra flawless look.

A+Cushion is suitable for anyone who has combination and oily skin, suffering from acne or/and sensitive skin.
It covers enlarged pores naturally and perfect for dewy make up.
A+Cushion does not make any excess oil on the face (T-zone and forehead).

Whitening effect, Anti wrinkle Effect, U.V Protection SPF 50+/PA+++

Main Ingredients : Centella Asiatica extract,Tea Tree Leaf Water, Calendula Water

Centella asiatica extract: Recovers acne, redness and damaged skin during 24hours. It protects bumps and heals the skin from external bacteria. Skin regeneration effect and strengthening the skin barrier.

Melaleuca extract: Absorbs the skin deeply and protects healthy skin cell and kills bacteria. It has detox effect which eliminates toxin inside of skin.

Calendula extract: Relaxes the skin by anti-oxidation and effective on anti-inflammatory. It protects sensitive skin and damaged skin from acne and scar. It keeps the skin bright and flawless from pigmentation by scar.

Teatree leaf Extract: Teatree leaf extract has been chosen for maximum results in skin inflammation.
It has tightening effect on the pores. It kills bacteria (p-acne). Safe killer.

I got mine from Roseroseshop.com. Unlike other BB cushion, this does not come with refill. Only an extra puff. This only comes in one shade. When you push it down, product would emerge from underneath. 

from L to R:
Troiareuke A+
Hera UV Mist Cushion Moisture No.23 Natural Beige
IOPE Air Cushion XP Cover C23

Troiareuke A+ is the darkest among the three cushion I have. The shade is 23 Natural Beige. Compared to the other two, Troiareuke has a more matte finish. As I have combination skin, this is perfect for warmer months. If you have oily skin, this would be the one for you as you don't need to worry about oil seeping through throughout the day and possibly don't need to apply powder.

In terms of coverage, Troiareuke A+ has the most coverage out of the three. But I find the lasting power is just average. I do have to re-apply half way through the day for touch-up. As this is 99% skincare and only 1% makeup, this certainly does not feel like makeup. I rarely feel the product on my skin and it feels like I have nothing on. Very comfortable. As I mentioned earlier, it does not have the typical luminous finish as the other cushion foundation, this looks just like your bare skin but better with very natural finish. You can easily "fake" you have no makeup on but has enough coverage for minor blemishes and skin imperfections.

Troiareuke also has another cushion which is the H+. It is slightly lighter in shade No.21. It is more suitable for dry skin. A+ is more for acne-prone and sensitive skin. 

I have used Troareuke A+ cushion for the past 2 weeks now. My skin seems clearer and brighter. Not sure if it is from using this new cushion or maybe in combination with my daily usage of facial sheet masks. But certainly very happy with my current skin condition.

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