Apr 21, 2017

Jeans Shopping @Winners

I don't know about you guys but I find jeans and swimwear shopping very challenging. You need to be in a certain shopping mode to do those two kinds of shopping. You grab a whole bunch to bring to the fitting room to try on and nothing fits. The process is tiring and frustrating.

I need some new jeans in my wardrobe and I was in "the mode" yesterday to go jeans shopping. I went to Winners and found a few pairs I like.

Mavi jeans

You know everybody is going to take selfies in the change room. Smart tactic!

Buffalo David Bitton skinny jeans similar

Even though these are skinny, they are quite comfortable and the denim is quite stretchy. When I shop for jeans, I like mid-rise and high-rise only. I tend to stay away from low-rise as I have the bad habit of pulling my pants up.

Abercrombie straight boyfriend jeans

I haven't had jeans from Abercrombie for a long time. I picked two sizes larger than my usual size, thinking they might still not fit but this pair is very baggy in the waist and thigh area. Plus it is too " distressed" for my taste. Pass on this one.

This black pair is not from Winners. I wore this yesterday. This is from Zara.

The prices of jeans at Winners are very good. They range from $19 to $30. Compared to full-retailed prices, they are more than 70% off. 

Winners is similar to TJ Maxx/Marshall in the US. I love going to Winners as you find great deals there. Merchandise varies from store to store and when I lived in the city before, I hopped from store to store weekly.

Do you enjoy jeans shopping? What is your success rate of finding a great pair?

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