Apr 27, 2017

Korean Beauty Online Stores Review

Over the past couple of years, I have placed a lot of orders from beauty shops from Korea. I started off with a few reputable Korean ebay sellers and slowly branched out to online stores.

It all depends on the brands you are buying. A few online stores carry a few brands I want and the shipping fee is a major factor as well. Most of them do not offer free shipping(even over a certain dollar amount) and they go by weight. So if you order some luxurious skin care products and they come in glass bottles, you will be hit with a hefty shipping fee.

I ordered my Troipeel Trioareuke A Cushion there. They also have an ebay store. They have a wide variety of brands and the prices are very competitive. I ordered from their ebay store and it was free shipping. Shipping time is acceptable. They ship by economy post and it took approximately 18 business days to arrive. 

They offer a lot of Korean brands and if you catch a good sale, you can really save a lot of $. They always have promotions like get $5 off if you spend $50, $20 if you spend $200 etc. I always check on their clearance section first and find great deals there. I ordered a Hera lipstick before Christmas and since it is a small order, I only paid US $4 for shipping which is not too bad. Their shipping time was super fast. I got my order within 5 business days even at the peak of Christmas season. Their shipping fee goes by weight. I wanted to get a few boxes of sheet masks and even they were at deep discount, after the shipping fee is factored in, they were not that cheap after all.

3. Kmall24
I just received my first order from Kmall24.com. I wanted to try the G-Dragon Fantastic Shining Mask Pack. It is a three-step pack: cleansing foam, a sheet mask and eye cream. Kmall24 has this in deep discount and I thought what a great way to try their store. I also picked up the Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream as I couldn't find it in the stores I went last month when I went home to Toronto. They offer free shipping with orders over US $29. So I got free shipping with this order. 

Their order processing time is quite long. I placed my first order on April 10 and it wasn't shipped until 5 days later. They also don't send you email updates about your order. You have to go to your account and check on the status of your order which is not the most convenient way. But my order arrives in less than 10 business days which is very good to me. They also sent it by registered mail so you would have to sign for your parcel. I don't know how long or how often they offer free shipping with orders over US $29 so I placed a second order already. My second order consists of boxes of sheet masks, which in other websites, would cost me a bit for shipping.

4. Meetunni*
This is a new website just launched. They offer free shipping on orders over US $38. They don't have a whole lot of brands yet but their prices are quite good. I ordered sheet masks from them and I got updated email confirmations on my order and order status.

Hope my brief review on these few Korean beauty online stores will help. Do you have a favorite online store to get your beauty/Korean beauty goodies?

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