Apr 6, 2017

My Morning Skin Care Routine

My skincare routine is relatively simple. Not a whole lot of products used in the morning. Like to keep it as simple as possible. Main concern is to de-puff under eye area and diminish dark circles.

I use a gentle cleanser to wash my face. I have been using the La Roche Posay Purifying Gentle Cleanser. I like it as it it is gentle and it comes with a pump for easy dispensing. Then I apply IOPE Bio Intensive Essence Skin Conditioner. It gives my skin an extra boost in moisture. After that, I apply the La Roche Posay Anthelios sunscreen 365 days a year, regardless if it is sunny or overcast, winter or summer. I wish I started this sunscreen routine much earlier in life. As in my twenties, I love to sun tan and didn't apply enough facial sunscreen and it did a lot of sun damage.

Next is the application of eye cream. I always double up eye cream, using at least 2 eye products. Main concern is my puffiness and dark circles. So I always use one to de-puff and one for hydration. Currently, I am using the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Eye Cream. It is a light gel-texture eye cream. It helps with de-puffing and dark circles. Another product is the Christian Breton Liftox. I just started using this and I found this at my local Winners. Not a very well-known brand but my friend has used it and said it is quite good as it has a roller ball. I always like using an eye cream in the morning with a roller ball as it has a cooling effect and the roller ball really helps with de-puffing. This is a eye serum so it gives the eye area even layer of hydration.

Lastly is to apply a serum and moisturizer. Oz Naturals Vitamin C Serum. I love Oz Naturals products as they are all natural and they are very affordable. This Vitamin C Serum has hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and E. This gives my skin extra boost in hydration and the vitamin C helps with diminishing skin pigmentation. Last but not least is the Origins Ginzing Energize Boosting Moisturizer. This has become my new favorite moisturizer. It is light in texture and since I apply sunscreen and serum, I don't want to apply something too rich to make my skin feel heavy and sticky all day long. This is just the right texture and I can use this in the spring. In the winter time, I apply something thicker. 

What products you use in your morning routine? Are you a minimalist or you use a lot of products? Stay tuned for my night time skin care routine next.

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