Aug 8, 2017

Current Skincare Favorites

I have slowly switched my skincare products. These are my current favorites and I have been using them for a good few months now and happy to report I have found some gems.

My favorite sheet mask at the moment is the G-Dragon Fantastic Shining Mask. It is a set which contains one sheet mask, an eye cream and a foaming cleanser. The sheet mask is for one-time use and I find the eye cream and the foaming cleanser is enough to give me a couple of uses. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I have been obsessed with using sheet masks in the past few months. I have tried a lot of brands and this one actually gives me results. After each use, I find my skin improves in texture slowly and brightens. It is also a hydrating one but not overly-sticky after you remove. Highly recommend the mask set.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is my second favorite product from the brand. My first would have to be the sleeping mask. Even though this one says it is a lip sleeping mask, it is more like a thick lip balm to me. The scent is amazing. It smells like strawberry. It is a rich thick balm which is perfect for the summer nights. In the cold Canadian months, this might not be moisturized enough though. Unlike other lip balms I have used, this one actually still last on my lips in the morning and I don't feel my lips chapped when I wake up.

SNP Bird's Nest Aqua Eye Patch is my first eye mask. Whenever I don't get a good night's sleep and I feel my eyes are swollen and my under eye area super dry, I pop the eye patches on in the morning when I am brushing my teeth and getting ready. 10 mins later, my under eye area feels hydrated and charged and not as swollen. 

I am happy to find my new holy grail eye cream. I have tried a lot, both high ends and average-priced ones. This Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream is on the middle in terms of price spectrum. I got mine from and they have the best deals on a lot of popular brands. This eye cream is rich enough for me to use as a night eye cream which says a lot about how good this is. I usually layer a couple of eye creams at night to make sure my eye area is well-covered for the entire night for hydration. This one is sufficient enough to be used alone. 

Summer months are the worse for my acne-prone skin. I find by applying the COSRX Acne Pimple  Master Patch, it really helps calm my pimples and usually by the second day, it would have drastically calmed down and on its way to heal. 

My latest love is the Huxley Oil Essence. It is my first product from the brand and I have heard many good reviews about this brand. It uses minimal ingredients and all natural. If you have sensitive skin, I would highly recommend this brand to you. I have been using this essence for 2 weeks now during the summer. I don't like to use my regular moisturizer as I feel it is too rich and would clog my pores in the hot weather. Instead, I apply the essence in replacement of my moisturizer. It is a light texture oil. If you don't like rich oil, this one is definitely for you. The scent is amazing. Very light and refreshing, unlike other argan oil I have tried in the past. Perfect for the summer months. Not sure about if this is moisturized enough to be used alone in the winter months. I got this from Kmall24 as well during one of their sales and I got this for US $27.99(original price is $39.99). 

I got most of my new skincare products from Kmall24 and I am loving my new found K-beauty online store. This is not a sponsored post and I am happy to say I have placed numerous orders over the past few months and their customer service is great and delivery time is around 3 weeks(which is the norm from Korea to Canada these days). They have regular promotions and I always wait for free shipping over orders with certain amount. If you are a regular customer, you would be be sent promo codes to take $5 or $10 off your orders depending on your membership level(you don't have to pay to join for membership but depends on how much you spend each month, you would be qualified to take certain $ amount off your next order within that month). 


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