Jan 18, 2018

Miniso Haul

Excited about the opening of Miniso in Canada. It is a Japanese store(similar to Daiso) which sells a variety of products in very affordable prices. Ranges from make up, towels, sunglasses, umbrellas, vanity units, slippers, kitchen utensils, candles, power banks, headphones, speakers etc. A lot of items are under $4.99 and of course for electronic items, they are more.

I am super excited that there is a store nearby and I love going there. As it is a relatively new store, their stock is not very consistent and items sell out so fast. 

I got cotton pads which is quite good in quality. $2.99 for 180 pads which is not a bad deal. The candle is also quite nice. This is my second  Fruit candle and the scent is very subtle. This small jar is $4.99. 

I also got a mouth mask and an eye mask. With the cold weather here in Canada, this cotton mouth mask is a life-saver. I used to wrap my face with my scarf when I am out walking my dog in the frigid  -15 C but find it too suffocating. This cotton-blend mouth mask is just what I need to protect my face from the blowing wind and can still breath through.

The eye mask can be used both warm or cold. For tired and puffy eyes, I can stick the eye mask in the fridge to help with depuffing. Or for pampering, I can put the mask in the microwave for  20 seconds to warm it up and apply it on eyes.

Love using my hair band when I am washing my face. Keep my hair out of my face completely and when I do sheet masks at night, it is perfect.

Waterproof lengthening mascara is what I just got. I am jus testing it out so cannot tell whether it is a winner or not. It is $3.99 and there are two versions, lengthening and volume. I picked the lengthening and I used it the first time yesterday. It is very black and does lengthen. But will have to use it some more to see if my lashes would stay up.

I also got a few other items from Miniso such as pens, slippers, towels and underwear. They are all very good quality for their price. To me, the store offers so much better quality stuff for amazing prices. They are not your regular dollar store, that's for sure. 

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