Mar 7, 2018

Yesstyle Haul Review on Shu Uemura S-Curler

I have recently discovered a new website to buy makeup online. This is my second order and I am very happy with the price and shipping time. It usually takes less than 7 business days for my orders to arrive. They offer free shipping to Canada (orders over CAD $45) and you can always track your orders online.

I have tried many brands of blackhead remover and this one has got to be the best one. It is not as harsh as the Biore's nose strips. It does a couple of steps though. I usually start with applying a hot face towel on my nose to open up the pores. Then I use the solution in the kit to prep my nose. After that, I splash some hot water on and then apply the charcoal mask. Leave it on for 10-15 mins(yes, it does take a while to dry completely) and remove it by peeling it off. The most satisfying step must be when you tear off the mask, you see how much dirt you have removed. Last step is to apply the soothing lotion from the kit.  This one is on deep discount( usually around CAD $28 here in stores) but this one is on sale for CAD $14.

I have heard so many great reviews about how good this ISEHAN liquid liner is. My current one is the Kat Von D Tattoo liner but I am almost out so since this one is on sale, I decided to try it. I got the black one as that is the only color available(my usual one is brown). It glides on very easily and doesn't smudge at all. Very similar to the Kat Von D one.

The Shu Uemura S-Curler has to be the most exciting item from this haul. I am an eyelash curler addict. Yes, I am not shy to admit that. If I don't wear any makeup that day, the least I do is to curl my eyelashes. I feel so naked when my lashes are not curled. This S-Curler is not your regular eyelash curler. It is much smaller in size and the way it works is you curl your lashes in sections to fully curl all your lashes. My problem with my inner-cornered lashes are much shorter and stubborn to curl. When I use my regular curler, it barely reach the inner parts of my eye. With this S-Curler, I can angle the curler to curl every section of my lashes evenly. It does take a bit of time to get used to it and when I curl them in sections, it triples the time. But let me tell you, the effect is very impressive. Not only my inner-cornered lashes are now curled, they last. I curl them in sections with this S-curler and then use my regular curler to curl them altogether. After I apply my waterproof mascara, I go back to curl them one more time and it last all day long. For us Asian gals, we have to work extra hard to get our stubborn, shorter lashes pretty. But this little gadget is worth trying out.

Last but not least is a brush cleaner. I just got this to bring my order total up to $45 to be qualified for free shipping. 

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